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18th Birthday Party Ideas

Looking for 18th Birthday party Ideas? Ensuring your party is memorable, fun, entertaining and suitable for your child or friend turning 18, planning is a must. Often times the best way to plan  is by beginning from the party date you’ve chosen and work backwards. For example, let’s say you chose the 14h May and circled that in your calender. Work backwards for instance on the 13th you should be preparing perishable food, and putting up decorations. Maybe on the 12th you would have bought last minute items such as presents to hand out to the party guests. Check out the planning guide to help you plan your weeks leading up to the big event.Make sure your party has all the essential ingredients such as food and drink and enough chairs for everyone. If you want more information check out the planning a party webpage here.

18th Birthday Party Ideas

You have the option of making your own cake using a variety of molds out there and icing it as you wish. It’s best if someone has that creative flair or who has a specialty in decorating cakes. Or you can order a cake from a cake store who specializes in cake making.
Otherwise please check out the great Youtube videos and Pinterest on how to make a cake and decorate using the best cake tools.

If you're interested in having a great party with printable games, check out this link to some very popular and fun games to purchase and download immediately.

Party Game Printables

What kind of event would best suit your 18th birthday star? Are they keen on a big event such as hiring out a fancy venue, MC, decorations and good catering, well there are many such places available. One just has to search online for the best and preferably closet venues. 

Check out the party stores in town or online. There truly are some amazing props and decorations from lights to paper plates. There is something for everyone.

Or you could organize some great and fun outdoor games for your party guests from adult egg and spoon races, to eating desserts from a dinner bowl without your hands.

Hire a yacht for your party guests to partake in. Many owner operators have great dinners and drink ideas on offer.

Fishing charter
Get your friends together for a fishing trip around the bays. Not only can you catch dinner, but you will feel as though it’s a great way to earn something while celebrating someone's birthday.

18th Birthday Party Ideas as a surprise party

Other 18th Birthday Party Ideas/Themes

Many people love offering a theme for this significant birthday. From Masquerade Balls to an 1920‘s’ fun dress up party.

Masquerade Ball
Ask you guests to don a formal attire such as a cocktail dress or a ball gown with a masquerade mask to match. Men, should dress up in a tuxedo or a great suit with a mask to match. Traditionally these balls have a group and specialized dance which the upper classes danced in Europe, specifically Italy (Venice) in the 17th and 18th Centuries. These are great parties in which you can mix and mingle without being judged for your looks only. It’s a great way to gain friends and have loads of fun.

Moulin Rouge
Why not have your guests get dressed up in any costume from the Movie Moulin Rouge. Or have your guests choose a costume from the 1800’s and more specifically Paris. Typically this was the age of the Can-Can, so ladies can go for gold wearing a costume with the dress and kickers to match. These costumes are also pretty much Cabaret as well. Men you can wear costumes include any of the tuxedoed dancing men, the Duke's manservant, Audrey the Playwright, a Bohemian, the Narcoleptic Argentinean, Satie, Le Chocolate, Warner and Henri Toulouse-Lautrec. In other words, a tuxedo with long tails and a top hat. Don’t forget the fake mowey.

For more information on how to throw a good party see here.

Beach Party
Have your guests dress up in a range of bathing costumes in which you would wear at the beach. You can choose an era if you like such as the 1920’s have have the ladies and men dress in costumes similar to the ones in the photo.

Or more more contemporary beach party ideas, check out some fantastic ideas for your beach party in this specifically made page.

Fairy-tale Ideas
As it sounds, your guests choose a fairy-tale costume from Cinderella to the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland. They come dressed as those characters. Men why not come dressed as Cinderella’s mean sisters, with bad makeup and very over the top dresses, you’ll be a hit.

Wild West
Your guests can come dressed in any Western Costume from a Cowboy, Native American, Prostitute to a Convict. Have ‘wanted’ posters all over your walls. Have plenty of ginger-beer on hand and have Honky Tonk music playing in the background. You can get these from itunes or youtube. Remember to have lots of fake guns and scars on your faces. Ladies your choices typically are as church going women to the harlots of the time. Or you can choose a male to come as for a bit of a difference. 18th Birthday party ideas for that outlaw theme are very popular.

Gangsters and Flappers
There are many costume hire places which have a range of 1920’s to choose from. Ask your guests to come as a flapper. Flappers were more wild and raunchy than their mothers during the time. Typically a Flapper would drink, smoke, and dance a lot , but they basically broke away from the good girl mold. A woman who was a flapper cut her hair  and wore...wait for it, makeup. Dresses were more straight lined for the women to look more like a boy. Check out the photos below to get an idea of what a flapper might wear. Men you would typically wear suits with a boater hat, which you can pick up from a costume store, or you get hunt around for one from a thrift shop. Also you would come as a gangster with guns and large 20‘s suits. Have plenty of 1920’s music and lots of Charleston type dancing. Think Bugsy Malone. This is a very popular theme for males and females and is a great 18th Birthday party ideas.

Letter Party
Which is another word to come to the party dressed as a person staring with the chosen letter. For instance in a P party, you could come along as a prostitute, pig hunter, policeman/women, prisoner, Prime Minister, Peter Pan etc etc. These are great parties to have as they keep all the guests guessing your character. You might want to make this a competition, where the best dressed wins a prize. Guests could nominate and vote during the night. Announce near the end of the party.

When You Were Born
Have a party around the era of when you were born. For instance if you were born in the mid to late 90’s get everyone to come as someone famous from the year of your birth. Rock-stars, Movie-stars and even prominent figures such as politicians would also work. Make sure you have popular music from this year playing in the background. Have posters, drink and food which was popular in that year. You could also play a number of games in which asks the guests questions about that year such as, ‘Name a famous politician from that period, or Name a television program which was on in that year.

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Other 18th Birthday Party Ideas

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Witches and Wizards
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Angels and Devils
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Marti Gras
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Playboy Mansion
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sports stars
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