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1st Birthday Ideas

Here are some winning 1st birthday ideas and games you can play at home, a hall or a children's indoor area. Great for a the whole family. For older children you can organise a room to play games from the following page. Or check out the outdoor games.

1st birthdays are always the most precious of your child's early years and ensuring a great 1st birthday the children and adults attending the birthday party is always a happy treat.

Birthdays are always the time for family get to-gethers to join in the fun and laughter and wish the birthday boy or girl the best. It's a time for celebration for the parents/caregivers as well. It's a chance for them to share their happiness and appreciation for a special little person whether the festivities are held at home, outside or in a larger space such as a hall.

1st Birthday Party Ideas for the Cake

Yummy, there are so many delicious 1st birthday party ideas for cakes and recipes and keeping up to date with the latest character TV or Movie character is always a good bet. It's great to have a funny, or crazy cake for a 1st birthday party. But we all know who are going to enjoy that cake, oh it's not only for the children but the adults. So also keep in mind what your adults might like to eat as well. Could it be a banana cake, chocolate cake or it could even be a fruit cake which may be a more healthier option.The options are endless.

1st Birthday Ideas and Themes

  • Animal Theme: children will enjoy making masks out of paper plates, straws, buttons, feathers, sparkles, markers, or any craft item. You can even go to the extent of hiring an animal outfit or costume for the birthday party. You can deck out the lounge or dining room with animal cushions, materials, pictures and posters.These are great 1st birthday party ideas.
  • Fairytale Characters Theme: children can dress up as any fairytale character they wish, which would compliment a beautiful princess birthday cake. For a princess theme, you can decorate the room with pink or purple table clothes, use princess plates, have a bouncy castle outside, perform a quick made up play, have sparkles everywhere.
  • Engines, Planes and Truck Theme: some boys often love playing with toys with engines. They can dress as a favorite cartoon character. Children can even bring in their favorite engine toy and play together. Have posters, pictures and other toys around for the children to play with. You could hire a mini train for the children to have rides on. You could hire in large car toys from a local toy library(if you have one) for your son/daughter to play in.
  • Color Theme: You can dress your child a favorite color or you could hold a party where everyone wears blue or yellow for example. The guest children can bring in favorite colored presents for the birthday star. Make sure you have plenty of balloons and candy the color and choice of the birthday star. This is a great 1st birthday idea.

Just a reminder that 1st birthday ideas and themes, are usually for the adults of the party, but that only means that everyone gets to have fun at the birthday party.

What food to Serve

Besides eating the delicious birthday cake, keep food simple because most of it will probably end up on the floor anyway! For 1st birthday ideas for a party, make or cook some finger food. They are great for all guests, as eating them won't interrupt play or the daily activities. Parents remember to bring in feeder cups and have water, milk and diluted fruit juices at the ready. Try to keep foods such as peanuts, some diary out of the party food. As a good bet, ask the parents if their child has any allergies. Have loads of eating fun.

Do take a look at our food ideas for party foods for children. I'm sure there is something for everyone.

Presents To Give

The little 1st birthday star will appreciate anything that pops, buzzes, whirls or makes a loud noise. Anything colorful and large enough to play with and will not be a danger to the child. Do look at the packages and boxes of the items carefully. A trolly or a pram, a soft toy, a mini swing, a large rubber ball or even a trampoline for those who are able to splash out. It's always a good idea to go with the pack and get something appropriate for the culture, gender and or values to the family hosts. These presents are great 1st birthday ideas for that special little guy or girl in your lives.

Tips and Tid Bits

Keep a look out for children touching or eating possible hazardous items or substances.

Keep the toys near the children so they can easily play with them.

Make sure pets are not annoying the children.

Be prepared to aid breastfeeding moms. Give them a spare room to feed in.

These 1st birthday ideas have been fun to do and we hope you enjoy using them in your parties.

Most of all HAVE FUN!!!!!

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