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30th Birthday Party Ideas

Here are some winning 30th birthday party ideas you can play at home, hall, designated indoor area or the great outdoors. Great for a the whole family and friends.

30th Birthday party ideas and themes are important for that first 'significant' birthday that you have with a zero and the first number is not a 2. It's that year when you feel you have prepared yourself maybe for a career, children or even you have settled into a new way for life. The 30th birthday is a great time to celebrate the fact that you're grown up and people can now take you seriously...(or so you hope...:) Enjoy the following 30th birthday ideas and themes in which may inspire you for your or someone else's birthday.

30th Birthday Party Games Pack

Planning and Preparation

Invitations: Design, make or craft personalized birthday invitations to your birthday explaining:

who: Your name

why:Your 30th Birthday Party

when: Date of the Birthday Party

where: Where the party will be held

What: to bring and or to expect in terms of food, drink, costume and present

and to have and RSVP so you know who will likely attend.

People feel special when they receive a personalized invitation through the post. If you need to find out guest addresses, ring their spouse, friends, family members and at the last resort them. There are plenty of websites and software programs that help you make up your own.

Send these out three weeks prior so parents can get babysitters for their kids.These are great 30th birthday party ideas for invitations.

The Cake

A great 30th birthday party idea for a cake can be on any subject, theme or idea relating to the birthday star. If he or she is into sport you can have a cake decoration of a symbol or item associated with the game. If they are prissy, then a nice princess cake will do well. You can even go for ghosts, horses, anything which reminds you of them. Make sure there is a huge 30 in the middle just in-case anyone for which significant birthday it is. Colorful cup cakes would work just as well.

You can even pre-order it from a cake shop,or have a friend make it or even make it yourself.

Food to Serve

  • You can organize everyone to go to a restaurant and celebrate your birthday there. It is nice when your friends or family buy you your drinks and or food.
  • You can organize a birthday party dinner at your house. You can hire a teenager to either cook for you and or serve and do your dishes. It saves on your time and energy.
  • At your dinner you can start off with finger food, then have pizza delivered and have your own special dessert with the birthday cake.
  • Have professional caterers make your food three courses.
  • Have a pot luck, where everyone brings a plate of their own and shares.

The 30th birthday party ideas for food is endless. Enjoy!!


Make sure you have them ready at least one week before the party. Set aside a day with some friends or family to help put up the decorations. There are plenty of good shops online and offline to find decorations. Did I forget to tell you find decorations with the number 30, big and bold!!

Decorate the room in photos of the birthday girl or guy.

Balloons, streamers and banners with the words Happy 30th Birthday goes down a treat. Decorate archways into the house and in the main rooms.

You can even hire strobe lights and or a mirror ball for that extra glam feel.

These are great 30th birthday party ideas for decorations will be great for you or someone else's party.

Looking for some winning and free adult games you can play with all your mates and family. Take a look at the adult games section and even check out the great games for a 40th Birthday Party. All would suit. Who can deny that a good drinking game can be fun, do check those out too. The College party games are great for team games for people of all ages.

30th Birthday Ideas and Themes

These ideas are great 30th birthday party ideas for women and men's birthday parties.

Throw a girls night out. If you are a single lady chances are you will want to live it up and have a ball. So gather your friends, have a couple of drinks before you head out and hit the town like it's 1997. Just leave the boob tubes and mini skirts to the teenagers. You'll love it.

Fondue Party. Ask you guest to come over with a range of cheese and chocolate (besides the present) and have a fondue party. Melt your cheese into a bowl over a flame and use long forks to dip the cheese in. You can even do this favorite with chocolate and marshmallows. Delicious indeed.

Famous Star. Get your guests to come over as a famous star. Make sure they are in costume and proper makeup. Themes could include Batman/Spiderman/The Green Lantern/Avatar/Lord of the Rings or any famous movie character. You could do a red carpet party, where everyone has to dress glamorous.

Males. May like to hire a bar and have their friends over for some beers and play pool or just a have a good male bonding time. You could even have a buffet meal with caterers hired is especially. It saves on the dishes.

Hire a mini movie theatre for your friends to view a current movie. This is great for your friends and it's a nice way to spend your special 30th birthday.

Camping. Take your lover and friends away for a nice trip away. Camping in tents or even in cabins would be a great way to spend a 30th birthday. Imagine this; beautiful air, bbq, marshmallows, wine, beer, good stories and a great time.

Great Gift Ideas

These are great 30th birthday party ideas for your friends or family member.

For Women:

  • gift-baskets of food, nuts, spices, oils, chocolates, wines, etc.
  • mini specialty perfumes and makeup compacts (make sure they are the cool or warm colors for their tone of skin)
  • tickets to a play, musical, show of any kind
  • favorite book
  • skin care products
  • subscription to their favorite magazine or website


  • favorite book
  • favorite alcoholic beverage
  • subscription to a magazine
  • voucher
  • decent pen
  • tickets to a movie, show, or music gig

30th Birthday Party Games

Check out the fun games you can play with a small and or large group for your birthday party.30th Birthday Party Games for any occasion. You may find a great birthday printable to copy and play with your party guests. This provides fun with smaller groups.

Some will be your old favorites and some are new. Enjoy.


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