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40th Birthday Party Games

Here are some winning 40th birthday party games for small and large groups loaded with good clean fun. Party games are where the fun happens for friends and family. Assuming you have your food, decorations and drinks sorted. Get ready for some cheesiness and complete craziness.There are also brilliant 40th birthday party ideas and themes included as well.Also check out the 30th Birthday Party themes and ideas page for similar ideas. Also take a look at the adult birthday games they are brilliant for any party.

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40th Birthday Party Games No# 1

Liar Liar

A winner where party guests are in groups and making up stories and using some good acting skills.

Materials Needed

  • yourselves

How to Play the game

Arrange birthday guests into groups of three or four. Instruct your guests that two out of three or three out of four people have to come up with a true story. This story can be something where they have met someone famous, done something incredible like climb Mt Everest or even eaten snake in Africa. The one person left needs to come up with a false story to tell.

Once the guests are ready to tell their story allow them to talk about their stories to the rest of the larger group. After all guests have given their story in the group, ask the larger crowd whom they think was the person who was the liar.

Reveal the liar or have the liar reveal themselves to the group.

40th Birthday Party Games No# 2

Ground Volley Ball

One of a few outdoor Party Games where all participate in some ball hitting fun.

Materials Needed

  • or a piece of string to stretch across an area
  • A net to stretch across an area
  • One to two beach-balls

How to play the game

Divide half of your birthday party guests into two large groups. Have the guests sitting in rows on the ground either side of the string/rope or net. Explain that they need to hit the ball over the net and try to unbalance the other side or have them miss the ball. If that happens then a point is won by the other side. Points can be won by the other team if the they hit the ball too far over the net outside of any boundaries, if they do not hit the ball back over the net, if they miss the ball and it hits the ground. The winning group is the group who gets the most clean hits over.

40th Birthday Party Games No# 3

UnChain Me

A winning large group game where party guests have to untangle themselves from a tangle into a circle.

Materials Needed

  • Human bodies

How to play the game

Arrange party guests into a groups of no more than 10 people. Ask your guests to get themselves into a large circle. Ask them to put one hand out into the circle and grab someone else arm from the opposite side. Ask them to then put the other hand into the middle and grab a hold of someone else's hand who is not standing beside them or is not the same person as your right handed person. Ask your guests to untangle themselves. They can do this in a number of ways, but stepping over arms or under arms to get themselves lose. A fabulous team game.

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40th Birthday Party Games No# 4

Balloon Take -Down

A winning party game for adults and teenagers alike. Balloons and bodies make lots of fun.

Materials Needed

  • a range of balloons of one color
  • a range of balloons of another color
  • a large indoor area or hall or a lawn

Arrange your guests into two groups. Explain to one group that they are going to try and take the opposite group's balloons into a set aside area. Each side are to aim to steal each side's balloons. The winners are the group who have the most balloons after a set time or after all have indicated they are exhausted. A fun game full of laughter. Winning 40th birthday party games for all the family and friends. Many of these 40th birthday party games can be played in conjunction with a range of 40th birthday party themes and ideas.

40th Birthday Party Games No# 5


A winning party game where party guests have to sort out candy into separate piles.

Materials Needed

  • Have a large range of 5/6 different kinds of candy in large and small and odd shapes
  • large bowl
  • a range of paper plates per guest
  • blindfold per guest

How to Play the Game

Instruct guests that they have to be blindfolded and then grab mixed candy from a large bowl sitting in the middle of the room and arrange them into piles where candies are the same. Have guests continue to arrange candy into correct piles until the candy runs out in the bowl. The winner is the person who has the largest pile with the like candies in each plate. Allow all guests to eat their candy yum yum.

40th Birthday Party Games No# 6

Candy Feed

A winning party game where guests get to eat delicious chocolate bars.

Materials Needed

  • enough candy bars per guest
  • long sticks to tie string
  • string for the sticks and candy bars
  • blindfolds

How to Play the Game

Tie string around a long stick and on the other end, tie a candy bar to hand lose. Arrange your guests into pairs. Instruct each pari that they will both be blind folded. They should stand back to back and on the instruction of 'go' have each pair move around to stand opposite and move the candy bar towards their partner's mouth. Both partners needs to eat all the candy bar. Once the first pair eats all the candy bars each they win the game. Delicious 40th birthday party games for all your guests.

40th Birthday Party Games No# 7

Golf Day

Looking for some easy and fun Ideas for your 40th birthday party games? How about playing a round of mini golf?

Materials Needed

  • golf clubs
  • golf balls
  • golf cards and pencils

How to Play the Game

Dress up as old men on old costumes, and have a brilliant day playing a round of golf with your buddies on the mini golf course. Have drinkies and fun afterwards. The birthday star is more than welcome to cheat and get away with it and or they can make up all the outrageous rules. An alternative could be playing an actual round of golf. It would be more hilarious if no-one knew how to play properly.

40th Birthday Party Games No#8

Guess the Age of the birthday Star

A great game to play with family and friends in an intimate setting

Materials Needed

  • a range of photos (10) from various ages of the birthday star
  • stickers to number the photos
  • pens and paper for the birthday guests
  • A4 paper with numbers 1-10 (?)

How to Play the Game

Arrange a number of photos of the birthday star on a large piece of cardboard, the wall or a fridge.Have each of your party guests use a piece of paper and pen to write down which what particular age the birthday star is on the 1-10 (?) paper they have. Once everyone has made their guesses, you can graph the results and or have the birthday star and or parents help explain the ages he or she was from each photo. This is one of the 40th birthday party games, where everyone gets to guess. The winner is the person who guesses the most correct answers.

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