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50th Birthday Present Ideas

For Her

These 50th Birthday present ideas for her will inspire you to give her a memorable and happy birthday. 50 is a significant age and it's one that should be memorable for them aswell as those who care about her. The following ideas are meant to be a guide for people searching for ideas and inspiration for a great birthday present for a female who is turning 50. We have ideas for family members, bosses, co-workers and friends. There are ideas written for everyone and anyone.

Your Mother

Your mother is the person who gave birth to you or the person who nurtured and supported you throughout your life (for most of us). Now it's time to give back to her and let her know how significant she has been and still is in your life.


Generally mothers are the givers and nurtures who tend to put everyone before themselves. Why not treat her to a few of the 50th birthday present ideas ideas below.


  • A nice bottle of perfume such as chanel No5
  • A lovely bottle of wine $40 plus
  • A scarf, woollen (think mohair or wool from New Zealand)
  • Their favourite cook book or author
  • A DVD of their choice along the lines of Mama Mia or The Notebook
  • A huge bunch of flowers to be sent to her place of work or at home
  • subscription to a favourite magazine (Health, Woman's Day, Scrapbooking)
  • A basket of goodies: chocolates, nuts, oils, herbs, cookies, biscuits, spreads etc all covered in a lovely bow.
  • Personalised poem or book
  • Personalised canvas of them and their family.
  • Book on gardening
  • A personalised bag with their name and a beautiful design, think zazzle.com
  • Their favourite book.
  • Buy her a great handbag
  • Buy her some stylish but comfortable shoes
  • Buy her craft/knitting supplies if she loves to craft or knit
  • A fabulous meditation CD

Pampering Gifts

  • A massage voucher
  • A manicure voucher
  • A beauty facial voucher
  • Order a date with the local hair dressers.

Active and or Outdoor Gifts

  • A ride on a boat
  • Mini garden tools, a set if possible such as gloves, weed spray, mini spade
  • hot air balloon
  • A wine trail
  • A lunch out at a favourite restaurant
  • A day hiking
  • Go to the movies or a live show with her
  • Take her out shopping
  • Take her out to a fabulous restaurant (that she would like rather than you)

Awesome Things to Do for Her

  • Husbands or partners of a woman, why not do everything for her such as make the breakfast, do the dishes, make the lunch, dinners and desserts and clean up afterwards. Allow her to put her feet up and enjoy the day. She will flip out if she is usually the one who does all the work. And she'll appreciate it all the more.
  • Make the bed with clean sheets
  • Put on her favourite DVD and sit down and watch it with her
  • Wash her car for her
  • Put on her favourite music and allow her time to enjoy it
  • Talk to her about herself, she'll wonder what hit her.
  • Cook her a meal or have a cook come to your house and cook.

These are more make 50th Birthday present ideas fun and memorable for her.

Your Aunty or Sister

Aunties and sisters are often one of the most loved family members. There are plenty of 50th Birthday present ideas for them to choose from. She'll be so pleased you remembered her.

  • A bunch of flowers sent to her work or home
  • Perfume
  • Gift basket (see Mother)
  • CD of the great music she had while in her teens
  • DVD flick chick
  • A gardening or Cookbook
  • Pampering vouchers (see Mother)
  • Pair of crystal glasses
  • Crystal bowl
  • Movie or Theatre Show vouchers
  • A night at the Kareoke

Your Friend

Friends are the very people who are there for you when you most need them. Why not treat them to some of these great 50th Birthday present ideas.

  • A massage voucher
  • A manicure voucher
  • A beauty facial voucher
  • Order a date with the local hair dressers.
  • Night out at the Movies
  • Dinner at their favourite Restaurant
  • Perfume
  • Expensive wine or Champaign
  • Makeup sets
  • Skin care sets
  • Trip out to the Movies or a Theatre show
  • Day out shopping
  • Subscription to their favourite magazine
  • DVD
  • Personalised CD with music of their liking
  • Gift baskets

Your Co-worker

50th present ideas for Co-workers can be fun and make your working life more bearable. Here are safe ideas to give your co-worker when they turn that significant birthday.

  • Bake her a cake, this gives her an excuse to actually eat it.
  • A box of chocolates
  • Buy her a coffee, she'll love you if she's a coffeeholic
  • A cool coffee cup (with coffee)
  • A set of stationery which is personalised
  • lavender essential oil, for relaxation
  • tranquil lotions
  • Meditation CD
  • Relaxation teas
  • favourite snacks and drinks
  • movie tickets
  • Spa voucher

We hoped you enjoyed reading about our 50th birthday present ideas. Feel free of offer you own ideas by contacting us in the form below.

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