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Planning 50th birthday party games for your loved one? Or are you having a 50th party and would like to know how to play and implement some winning birthday party games to make your day special. We'd like to help you find some excellent party games ranging from the fun and safe to the outrageous and crazy.

More great simple and quick games for adults and do check out the extremely popular boards games for people of all ages.

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The rules used for the acted charades are usually informal and vary widely, but commonly agree in essence with the following basic rules:

  • The players divide into two teams.
  • Each team in turn produces a "secret" word or phrase, to be guessed by the other team, and writes it on a slip of paper. Rules vary as to which phrases are allowed; single words may be restricted to nouns as found in dictionaries, while multi-word phrases usually are required to be commonly used phrases, or common expressions for well-known concepts. Often the secret phrases allowed are confined to titles of books, songs, or movies.
  • The slip of paper with the secret phrase is revealed to one member of the other team, the "actor", but kept secret from the remainder of the other team, the "guessers".
  • The actor then has a limited period of time in which to convey the secret phrase to the guessers by pantomime.
  • The actor may not make any sounds or lip movements. In some circles, even clapping is prohibited, while in others, the player may make any sound other than speaking or whistling a recognizable tune.
  • The actor cannot point out at any of the objects present in the scene, if by doing so they are helping their teammates.
  • Most commonly, the actor is allowed to make any gestures other than blatantly spelling out the word. In more stringent sets of rules, indicating anything about the form of the phrase is prohibited, even the number of words, so that only the meaning may be acted out.
  • The guessers attempt to guess the word or phrase based on the actor's performance. They can ask questions, to which the actor may give non-verbal responses, such as nodding in affirmation. If any of the guessers says the correct word or phrase within the time limit in the literal form as written on the slip, their team wins that round; if the phrase is not guessed when the time limit expires, the team that produced the secret phrase wins the round.
  • The teams alternate until each team member has had an opportunity to be the actor. This is a great 50th birthday party game to play with the whole family. (wikipedia.com) This particular game is excellent for 50th birthday party games.


Materials Needed

  • A large, preferably unabridged dictionary
  • A pencil Pen or other writing implement for each player
  • Notecards or identical pieces of paper for each player

How To Play the Game

Individual house rules may vary when playing Fictionary, but play usually proceeds like this:

One player, the Picker for the turn, chooses an obscure word from the dictionary and announces and spells it to the other players. The chosen word should be one that no other player knows. If a player is familiar with the chosen word, he or she should say so and the picker should choose a different word. (Cheating only gains one point for the cheater anyway.)

If a word has more than one definition listed, the Picker privately chooses which one to use, but in such a case must specify, "X, when it does not mean so-and-so." Generally, the Picker can edit the dictionary definition as s/he thinks is most strategic.

Each player writes a crafty and credible definition of the word, initials it, and submits it to the word picker. The Picker shuffles the definitions, including their own, which is the correct one. As definitions are handed to him, the picker should check them over to ensure that they can read the handwriting and to clarify any questions. (Stumbling over or misreading a definition is usually a sign that it's not the correct one—unless the picker is trying to bluff.)

Once all definitions have been handed in, the picker reads the list aloud, once. The Picker may read the definitions in any order. On a second reading, each other player in turn then votes for the definition he or she believes is correct. Because the picker selected the word and knows the definition, the picker does not vote.

One variation allows a player to vote for the definition he submitted, although he doesn't get points for doing so. (This can encourage other people to vote for that definition as well, and the player would get those points.) Another variation does not allow a player to vote for his own definition.


Players earn one point for voting for the correct definition, and one point for each vote cast for the definition they wrote. (Other traditions for scoring award more points for guessing the correct definition than you get for picking your own.)

The Picker earns three points if no one selects the correct definition. There are variations where the picker earns no points during their round as picker, fairness being achieved by ensuring that all players take equal numbers of turns as picker.

Play then proceeds with the dictionary going to another player, which starts a new turn. A full circuit of the dictionary constitutes a round.


Often simple words (Strunt) are more successful than complicated words with detectable Latin roots.

Phrases like "Any of several..." or "One or more..." sometimes lend authority to definitions. Players may decide beforehand whether fields are to be included: "(obsolete), (Geology), (dialect)," etc. The dictionary might be passed around first, to remind players of its characteristic style.

Playing for laughs, especially with friends, can be even more fun than getting the most points. Depends on the definition of winning. Again this is a great 50th birthday party game. (Wikipedia.com) This is one of the most sophisticated 50th birthday party games.

These 50th birthday party game ideas are great for a small or large groups. For more excellent games take a look at 40th birthday party games or even 30th birthday party ideas and themes to or games for adults to get a huge range of ideas.

Liar Liar

A winner where party guests are in groups and making up stories and using some good acting skills.

Materials Needed

  • yourselves

How to Play the game

Arrange birthday guests into groups of three or four. Instruct your guests that two out of three or three out of four people have to come up with a true story. This story can be something where they have met someone famous, done something incredible like climb Mt Everest or even eaten snake in Africa. The one person left needs to come up with a false story to tell.

Once the guests are ready to tell their story allow them to talk about their stories to the rest of the larger group. After all guests have given their story in the group, ask the larger crowd whom they think was the person who was the liar.

Reveal the liar or have the liar reveal themselves to the group. This is one of our favorite 50th birthday party games.

Name that Tune

Materials Needed

  • Variety of songs from a chosen decade or era

Record some songs that came out in the same decade the celebrant was born. Play a sentence from a verse or chorus of each tune for the guest and have them guess the song. Give each guest a buzzer to ring to guess the answer the question. A correct title is worth one point, and contestants can sing along to earn an additional point. The winner is the party guest who guesses the most correct songs and has the most points. It's great to see who are the best singers at your 50th birthday party games.

Celebrity Head

  • Tack/stick paper with names of famous people or celebrities onto the foreheads of your guests.

Materials Needed

  • A variety of cards or paper to be tacked to the forehead of the party guests.

How to Play the Game

Each player has to ask the group if their character has black, blonde, red hair, or blue, brown, green eyes, if they are a female or male or are they a singer or dancer etc. The rest of the group will indicate by saying yes or no. If that first guest guesses correctly they can either have another guess until they get a no, or you can have the next person in the game have their turn and so on. 50th birthday party games like these are many people's favorites.

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Dinner Party Guest

Who would you bring to a dinner party and why?


  • guests
  • paper and pens

How to Play the Game

Ask your guests the following: "If you were going to have someone of note to your dinner party, who would you take and why?" Have your party guests write down their answers on paper and then fold the paper and pop it in a bowl in the middle of the guests.

Once everyone has written their ideas, have everyone pick a piece of paper which is not their original. One at a time,each party guest should read out the answers and then say who they believe was the person to wrote on their particular paper. There may be a number of winners. It's always great to get to know your guests better with these 50th birthday party games.

Golf Compeition

Who has the best putt?

Materials Needed

  • mini putters
  • hole for the golf ball
  • a couple of golf ball
  • score card

How to Play the Game

Each party guest should have a go at putting the ball into the hole. The person who puts it in with the least puts, is the winner. Score each person's card.This is one of the sporting, fun, 50th birthday party games.

How Well Do You Know Him/Her

The party guests are given a sheet of paper with a range of pre-written questions. The guests have to guess answers about their party star.

Materials Needed

  • Copies of paper with 10-20 questions about their party star
  • pens

How to Play the Game

Each guest is given a piece of paper with a range of questions about the birthday star. They should answer each question. After all the guests have written their answers, the host should read out each question and every guest should give their answer to that question and so on and so on. The winner is the person or person who answer most of the questions correctly or are close enough.

50th birthday party games such as these listed above can be played with any adult age. We even have a variety of other adult games which may interest you more for you specific birthday party.

Crazy 50th birthday party games and ideas where your younger party guests might appreciate can range from.

-Pass the Parcel

-Musical Chairs

-Fruit Salad


There are plenty of older people who love to play these games with each other.

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