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80th Birthday Presents

Appropriate 80th Birthday presents and ideas for your special family member or friend. From consumable items, ornaments, exercise ideas and event ideas are presented here to spark great present ideas for your loved one.

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Practical Gifts

So the elderly are at an age where they need to have items which help with the quality of life. These 80th Birthday presents may not be special or memorable, but at least they are helpful.

Non skid socks

Are a great present for the older person. You elderly person would love walking around without the fear of slipping or falling down. This is a nice addition to their present list. You can buy an assortment or colors and sizes of socks or slippers from any good store or from Amazon. There are plenty to choose from.

Foot Traffic Non-skid Red Ruby Slippers/Blue Slipper Socks by Foot Traffic

Nana Sofa Throw

This 80th birthday present will be great for your Nana to put around herself when she finds herself a little chilly. They come in all sizes and shapes with a variety of designs. Prices range from around $10 to $150.00 depending on the quality. I have included a very popular one for your interest.

Nana Cotton Sofa Throw Blanket - Gift for Grandmothers - Made in USA

80th Birthday Present Mug

A humorous and practical mug for your loved elderly person. Why not celebrate them and send them this wonderful mug, to show how much you care. You can buy ceramic paints and create your own special mug for your birthday person. Or look around the stores to find similar mugs.

80 and Aged to Perfection Gourmet Coffee Mug Gift Package - 80th Birthday Gift

1930's Jigsaw Puzzle

A great present as it has many famous faces for your loved one to assemble together in this great puzzle. This is ours of concentrated fun and is great to help keep your 80 year old sharp in mind. Puzzles are great and you can purchase them from any good gift store or see more on the link.

1930's Headline Newsmakers Jigsaw Puzzle - Nostalgic 75th or 80th Birthday Gift

1930's Popular Music

All people love to listen to music and what better present to give than to give music which is meaningful to your birthday family member or pal. Great classics from the 20's and 30's which will tickle your 80th birthday star. These come in CD's or you can download individually at Amazon.

Vintage Music: Original Classics from the 1920s and 1930s

Great fun 80th Birthday T-shirt

Who doesn't like giving or receiving or wearing humorous t-shirts. The one is a fabulous one, it would give anyone a chuckle. Purchase this one here or order your own from and t-shirt printing facility.

I'm Not 80! I'm 18 With 62 Years Experience Mens T-shirt, 80th Birthday Novelty Gag Funny Men's Tee Shirt, XX-Large, Lt-Gray

80th Birthday Custom Golf Balls

80th Birthday Novelty Guaranteed cutproof cover for ultimate playability and high energy titanium core which generates maximum initial velocity, combining to give maximum distance allowed by the rules of golf. 2-Piece ball. A great fun 80th birthday present.

80th Birthday - Wilson Ultra Ultimate Distance Golf Balls

80th Birthday Decorations

Click on the links images if you a looking for the same 80th birthday decorations such as the ones listed below.

80th Birthday Celebrations Napkins

80th Birthday Banner

8oth Birthday Invitations

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