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Bachelor Party Challenges

Bachelor Party Challenges for a great Party/Event:

So you want to throw your buddy a fantastic Bachelor Party, but you want to spruce it up a bit by making it fun and challenging. Below are a range of great ideas you might like to introduce your Bachelor or groom to be. There are a number of ways you can set up the challenges. You can produce these by writing them on paper, type them up on computer and print them out, and or take a photo of the challenges and hand them to the groom. 

It's always a great idea to get proof, so what better way than to have your cell phone ready to take incriminating or interesting shots. 

It's going to be a great night, but do remember to keep it fun and hilarious, but try not to let the stags or Bachelor over do the alcohol. You still want to have the groom marry his bride...:)

The Bachelor Party Challenges

  • Have the groom sing a love song to an attractive female near him. He must know the verse and the chorus. 
  • Line Dance: Have the bachelor teach three people how to line dance with at least five moves. He must keep in time to the music, whatever is playing at the time. 
  • He must sneak into the women's bathroom for a pee. 
  • He must walk around the club with a doll in his hand. It must not leave his side all night long. 
  • Convince the Barwoman or man that there is a new drink called Diet H2O to go. Pretend to be disappointed that they don't have the drink. 
  • Buy a single guy a drink...but don't let him know it was you who bought it for him. 
  • Wear a white t-shirt. Have at least 20 females write their names on it. Remember to give the groom a vivid marker. 
  • Have the bachelor wear a hula skirt and do the hula to random women. 
  • Recite a love poem to a random woman or guy.
  • Offer to share the vowels with a random woman. 
  • Walk up to five married people and ask them sage advice about marriage.
  • Women's Bum Bag: have the groom wear a woman's bum bag full of silly female items. He has to and these out to as many women as possible within a 15 minute period. (all cheap items bra, tampon, g-string, briefs, crown etc)
  • Shout, "I am the king of the world!" in a busy bar.
  • Find a female with bright lip stick and she must kiss him. He is not allowed to rub this off all night. 
  • Pose like walking on a catwalk and have a photo taken. 
  • Convince a female to rub his shoulders. 
  • The groom could wear a ball and chain around his feet and neck. 
  • Get a random woman's phone number
  • Get a randon guy's phone number.
  • Have all the stags swap their cell phones. When someone texts they text them back...telling them of their love for them. 
  • Make a fun cocktail with random alcoholic ingredients and drink it. 
  • Off to be a waiter for 15 minutes. 
  • Give five men compliments. 
  • Give five women compliments. 

Keep googling for more great Bachelor Party Challenges.

So these are some great ways you could gear your party up for the Bachelor to be to have a go with. The aim is for him to achieve about 10 of them within the night. If things go haywire abandon ship and move on. But there is nothing like a challenge for certain grooms is there?  

Remember to keep the groom relatively non-drunk, but happy enough to have fun. Enjoy the night lads. Ready to look at some digital Bachelor Party Challenges? See below.

If you are interested in some similar fun Bachelor games to play, then check out the following games which link to the digital games website. Enjoy. 

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