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Beach Party Ideas

Beach Party Ideas for anyone who loves BBQ food, games and parties. We hope you enjoy our range of great ideas for a great party.Welcome to the page where you will find delightful food and activity ideas for your birthday party. Please take a look at the party checklist to know when and what to prepare for a great party.  Why not include some excellent games to give your party that extra bit of fun. Please check out the carnival party games  page for extra fun.  Fiesta Party games are a great addition


What would a fantastic beach party be without a distinctive and personal touch for the invitation. You can design your own using pictures and photos from the internet. You can even use one of yourself, children or people you know to star in the invitation in their bathing suit. Any theme to do with the sun and beach is a must. Photoshop is an excellent tool. Have youself or someone with good skills to make an invitation for you. Or you can buy one already made for you in a shop. Remember to put the essential information from name, date, time, address, whether you want a present or not. And of course put RSVP so your guests can get back to you. Fun, fun, fun should be the ultimate theme.


How about searching online for a great Beach Party costume  or  prop, or even make a costume for yourself. You can assemble some excellent ideas for example a fun and very loud bathing suit. Hawiian shirt is a great touch for guys. Ladies bikini's, sun dresses, shorts, t-shirts are all good for a good beach party. Guys, sunnies, t-shirt, or shirt, sand shoes, bright bathing shorts. Anything over the top is a great treat. Why not spend some money on buying a great and fun costume for the event. Everyone loves that person who goes one extra!!!

Sexy Beach Patrol costume for Women

Awesome Beach bum wig for guys.

Awesome beach glasses for a great costume idea.


Okay you can't go wrong with playing volleyball on the beach. Find a volleyball net and play in teams which can represent your sections at work, age, titles, job types, genders etc. A general fun game is a great ideas for all. The aim is to hit the ball three times within a given side and it should then go over the net. The winners are those who have the most laughs!!!

Water balloon fight. That says it all really. Get a whole lot of balloons and fill them up with water then tie them up and put in a large tub. On the word go, have all people race in and grab them and then try to throw them at each other. This can be chaos, but rather fun. Make sure to choose those who are wearing coloured t-shirts to go and fire the balloons at each other, if is a little kids party.

For countries to play cricket, have your guests be divided into two teams and play a game of social cricket. That is fun in that you can jump around, run in the water and also play the game at the same time.

There are plenty of musical games you could play such as hot potato. Have a beachball bounced around while music is being played and when it stops whoever has the ball has to leave the playing areas. The winner is the one who is left in the circle and who hasn't dropped over drunk.


Do have a range of music from the Beach Boys or fun beach music and have anyone who wants to, sing to a chosen tune. Make sure there are plenty of earmuffs for the singing snobs. You can have the audience have a flag to get those off tuners off the stage...only for adults though.

A fabulous pinata is great for children AND adults. Why not buy one, put it up and  enjoy watching someone hit it. You can give everyone in a circle a hit at the pinata and the first one to make a break gets to keep all the candy they hit.

Great Fruit Drink Ideas for the Beach

Beach Presents

For kids

Kids are easy to buy for. Just get them a beachball, volley ball or fun equipment for the beach. There are great beach plastic toy cups that you can buy for younger children. How about a great and fun pair of sun glasses. Girls would love some fun and bright shorts and or a sun dress.

For Adults

For your birthday person do buy something fun such as an oversized sun hat or sun glasses to wear at their party. Even bring along some beach bowling pins to get knocked down.

Decoration Ideas

So many great ideas for the beach including beachballs, flag decorations, large cut outs of sunglasses, cutouts of famous models in their bikini's. Even think about food ideas, from lovely little umbrellas for your cocktails to lamps for the dancing area. The world is your oyster.

We hope you enjoyed reading about our great ideas for a fantastic beach party idea. We enjoy bringing great ideas to you all.

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