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Birthday Party Checklist

A Birthday Party Checklist is essential for the organization of any birthday party celebration or event. The following checklist provides information on what to think about, do and achieve to make your birthday party a success. Included are timeframes, materials resources, items you need from decorations, invitations to party entertainment.

Four Weeks Before the Party(Birthday Party Checklist)

1.  Make a firm decision that you want a party, or celebration for your birthday star.

2.  Choose a theme for your party. For example, pirates, princess to golfing and cocktail parties.

3.  Create a guest list from family members, friends and co-workers.

4.  Source party invitations, from reputable outlets, online, or even make your own using a general computer software.

5. Entertainment: what would a party be without entertainment? Are you going to have a band, clown, fairy, singers, or even a pole dancing expert?

For a great, but low key event, take a look at the great  and very easy games offered on winning-birthday-party.com website. The world is your oyster. Hire them early to ensure they are available  for your celebration.

Three Weeks Before the Party 
Birthday Party Checklist)

 6.  Send/mail out your party invitiations. Ensure there is an RSVP clause with your phone number/email address.
Confirm your entertainment.

7.  Secure large resources: If you need to rent or hire a bouncy castle, bubble machine, strobe lights, sound system, or tents etc, now is the time to do it.

8.  Menu: plan your menu from appetizers, snacks, meals, desserts and even foodgifts. Look at all the great party food ideas online or even ask your friends/family what foods were great for them. Make sure to add drinks etc.

Two Weeks Before the Party (Birthday Party Checklist)

 9. Buy, make or order your birthday party supplies, decorations or party favors which would suit      your party. Check online or in your local party supply place for ideas and supplies.

10.  Order your cake with appropriate specifications. If you wish to make your own, make sure you have the correct baking and cake making resources.

11.  Confirm your Large party resources if you’ve ordered any.

12.  Make a list of food items you think you will need. Begin to buy non perishable items now.

One Week Before the Party (Birthday Party Checklist)

 13.  Confirm any cake orders including pickup or delivery.

14.  Call entertainers to confirm performance dates.

 15.  Collect party decorations.

 16.  Start making party favors or party gifts.

 17.  Confirm  large party supplies.

1-2 Days Before the Party (Birthday Party Checklist)

18.  Pick up the cake.

19.   Pick up any outstanding party decorations.

20.  Check RSVP returns to see if anyone has any food allergies

21.  Go grocery shopping for food items.

22.  Start making party foods.

23.  Put up the decorations.

24.  Have a wet day backup plan.

Morning of the Party
(Birthday Party Checklist)

 25.  Make food for the party

 26.  Ensure space is required for large party supplies and entertainment areas.

27.  Music, Mood and Food all set

28.  Nice glass of wine and get ready to roll.

(Tips:  always have a first aid kit ready. Have plenty of water for young children, ensure adults are catered to during kids parties, bring your cameras, have plenty of rubbish bags to clean up)

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