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A page for a birthday party story which is crazy, fun, silly, unusual, or plain unexpected. Birthdays can be stressful, but also very rewarding at the same time. My story illustrates a 'happy mishap.' Do check out the children's party games which are great for any party. Also the party food might give you good ideas for your young one's party.

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Two Birthdays in One Year (author of the website)

Here is a birthday party story you might like. So it was the year that my brother, myself and my sister all turned 8 on the 13th June. Incase you were wondering we are triplets. Mum had made the invitations and written on them who we wanted to invite to our party. We were so excited ,but mum told us we could only invite two children each to our birthday party. So we went to school and delivered our invitations to our friends. In the coming weeks we got back the positive replies, all ready for our June 13th Birthday which was to be held on the Saturday.

I can still picture mum slaving away in the kitchen from early morning to the early afternoon making chocolate cakes, piklets, cookies, sandwiches, cupcakes, jam tarts, afgans soooo delicious. Saturday the 13th rolled around, in walked our first guests, Karla a cute blonde girl who bought me a lovely present. My brother's friend and my sisters friend. So there we were all six of us ready for a party.

The birthday party story becomes unstuck. Mum was quizzing us on where our other friends were. We didn't know because 'hey we were just kids' and besides we were ready for the pass the parcel game, in which I was determined to win. Mum quickly realised she had written two different dates on some of the invitations. This meant that mum had to honour the other friends with a party. We 'had' to have another birthday party the following Saturday...oh no not more cakes!!!We were very excited with our then birthday party AND the upcoming birthday party for the folloiwng week. Needless to say I did not win that pass the parcel game, it was rigged with my mother giving it to the lovely Karla.

The birthday party story continues with the following Saturday rolling around. Mum was again making those delicious cakes and goodies for our second birthday for the year. I did wonder why she looked pretty bewildered the previous Saturday's party. But for three eager birthday kids, life couldn't get any better. Our second lot of friends came to the party and all was glorious. We got another large birthday cake, yummy delicious food, plus we got more presents. Mum you did a great job, make it look soooo effortless he he he.

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