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Bowling Party Ideas

Enjoy the following bowling party ideas which you can play in an actual Bowling Ball Alley or at your home with homemade pins. The ideas below will help aid your great Ten pin Bowling party from decorations to food ideas. The games below will give you a great beginning to aid your great bowling ball party. for other great games for kids check out the games for kids pages.

Decorating Ideas for a Party at Home:

  • Paint full beer or wine glass or plastic bottles white with a red stripe. Paint the name of a guest on it and have them drink it when they come in through the door.
  • Make giant bowling balls on cardboard of poster paper with black paint. Paint white the three holes for fingers.
  • Write a stylised writing bowling ball terms such as "centre, alley, house," You can find more online. 
  • Hang a bowling ball pinata up in a fun areas. Have guests gather together and lop at it to retrieve the candy. 
  • Make a great cake with bowling pins on it.

Decorating Ideas for the Tin Pin Bowling Venue.

  • Place red and white streamers along the rows of seats. 
  • Dot the place with posters with bowling terminology everywhere. 
  • Have t-shirts made with name of player, number and the team logo.
  • Have a large banner which says welcome to ? bowling competition.

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Ten Pin Bowling Food Ideas
Make a large fun bowling ball cake or a cake with pins on it. Take a look this great example from pinterest here.

Source: tv.disney.go.com via Heather on Pinterest

You can buy a bowling ball tin from the link. The photo shows what you can make from it.

Source: party-ideas-by-a-pro.com via Marla on Pinterest

Click the photo to find out where to purchase the cake in.

Other Food Bowling Party Ideas

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Great Bowling Party Ideas-Games

Speed Singing

This is a timing game. You will need a timer or a stop watch. Everytime a person bowls a bowl, a nominated person must sing a well known tune such as ‘Ba Ba Black sheep’ before the ball hits the bowls. The person or people who could sing in time are the winners.  Great bowling party ideas.

Spelling Birthday Person’s Name
As the title says, as a player bowls his or her ball down the lane, he or she must spell out the name of the birthday child before it hits the pins. For example;

“ L I N D A”.  The person is does so the quickest is the winner.

Toppings and Ice Cream
As each person releases the ball down the lane each person must name as many pizza toppings and or ice cream flavors as they can. The person who names the most is the winner.

Bowl Backwards
As the title says, stand with your back to the pins and bowl the ball between your legs aiming for the pins.  The person with the most pins down is the winner.

Bowl in Slow Motion
As the title suggests, every person must bowl very slowly...think chariots of fire. The person who knocks down the most pins is the winner.

Blind Bowling
As the title suggests blind fold each player. Someone must help guide the player to aim down the lane. Do remind people not to aim high in the air when the ball is released as this could damage the wood on the lane. The person who knocks down the most pins is the winner.

Tight Rope Walker
Each player must choose a wood plank on the ground to walk and bowl the ball. The person who knocks down the most pins is the winner.

Tied Up Bowling
As the title suggests, tie a rope or peice of material around the player. They must stand in one position and aim for the pins with no leg movement. The person who knocks down the most pins is the winner.

Bowl with a Funny Walk
Each player must bowl with a crazy, weird and funny walk. The person who has the funniest walk wins a prize, and the person who bowls the most poins down is also the winner.

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