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Car Trip Games

Car Trip Games for children, teens and even adults. Check out the following and see some old favorites as well as some original ideas. These games will keep your passengers happy for quite a while. Great for those times when you forget to bring enough things to do with your children when traveling.

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Spot the Color Red 

Children look around outside and spot anything which has the color red in it, but no one can spot the same red item again. The game is completed within a given time period such as 10 minutes or when all get tired.

Twenty Questions Car Trip Games 2

You have to choose a city or town in your area or country. Everyone in the vehicle has a turn to try and guess your town or city by asking questions which can only be answered with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. The first person to guess the city or town is the winner. They get to have a turn as well.

Name that Tune Car Trip Games 3

Someone in the vehicle has to hum a familiar tune. The first person who guesses the correct title is the winner of that turn. They can then have a turn at humming a tune and the game continues.

Land-Mark Find Car Trip Games 4

Before setting off on the journey arrange with your children, that they are going to have to spot the following environment items or landmarks, such as a mountain, river, sea, train, tunnel, museum, hospital, school. The first child to spot all of the landmarks is the winner.

Photo Exhibit Car Trip Games5

Give your children a disposable camera. Tell them that they have to find certain key landmarks, sites or buildings on their travels. Once they have finished they can find a place to get them developed and later display on a board at home or even on an age appropriate on-line pin board.

Travel Safety Car Trip Games 6

Safety issues. Have your children spot as many people not wearing a seatbelt within 1/2 an hour. This will raise safety issues with your child. You can could even count the amount of people who are talking on their cell phones while driving. This could also be a safety message talk time with your child.

Movie Star Alphabet Trip Games 7

Begin with a famous movie star such as Kate Blanchett and the next person has to name another famous movie star with the last letter of the last celebrity’s name such as Terry Hatcher. Carry on until you all have exhausted famous people or feel over the game.

One Word At a Time Trip Games 8

Create a cool story with one person beginning the game with one word, the next person has to carry on the story with another word which should make sense. For example, person one; “One”, second person; “day”, a/monster, bit/me, on/the, leg... etc. If anyone hesitates too much you have to begin the game again with a new topic. Ghosts, movies, TV programs, toys, video games etc could be possible topic ideas.

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I-spy Trip Games 9

One person begins by saying, “I spy with my little eye something beginning with...t!” Make the item obvious either in the car or in the environment around you. The next person should try and guess. Everyone has a turn until someone guesses the correct answer. The correct guesser can now have their turn.

Sausage Trip Games 10

A great game to play to try and make a person laugh. Have one person be 'it', in the car. Everyone in the car must try and make him or her laugh or giggle or even smile. They will ask the ‘it’ person something along the following lines...What is your girlfriend’s name? They should reply, “sausage” at every question. “What did you stick under your armpit last night?” “Sausage”. Keep going until everyone has had a turn at saying sausage or until the 'it' person laughs.

Sign Language Trip Games 11

This is a good game to play if you want your children to be quiet on the road. Tell them that the game they are going to play for the next half an hour is that they can only communicate by sign language and no spoken words. They can write their requests, but not speak. They can communicate with their facial expressions and arms. If they speak they have lost the game. If they last say half an hour they can get a prize of some sort.

Noun Spotting Trip Games 12

Have your children find things that are nouns such as land-names, people or things. This will help with developing grammar.

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