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Classroom Math Games

Classroom Math Games for teachers and caregivers for small groups to large groups of children. Also great when working with children one on one or without the aid of a computer. These Math games have been tested and tried successfully in classrooms of children. Enjoy.

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Times Tables

Line Ups (Classroom Math Games 1)

Have the children line up in pairs in two lines infront of you. Instruct the class that they are going to give the timestable answers and the person in their pair who gets the correct answer first has to go to the back of the line ready for another turn. The child who gets it wrong has to go and sit down on the mat or at their desk. Carry on with the game until everyone has had a turn at competing to answer the timestable question first. Those who tend to know their timestables will tend to come through to the front of the line a few times. The winner is usually the one who knows the timestables the best and everyone else is sitting at their seat.

A variation of this game can be where it is recess or break time and you line up your students at the door and they need to get the correct answer to get to go to recess. This is great because most kids are aching to get out and eat and or play. It motivates them to learn their timestables.

Circle Challenge (Classroom Math Games 2)

Have one child in the middle of the circle of the rest of the class. That child should ask the children in the circle who would like to challenge them. A few hands should go up. They can choose their challenger. The teacher or adult can give the timestable question. The first person to answer the correct equation gets to go into the circle. This is great as it gets the children to run the game if they wish. You can get children who are very good at maths to ask the timestable questions.

Stepping Timestables (Classroom Math Games 3)

Have children dotted around the classroom with at least an arm width away from any other children. The teacher or adult should choose one child to answer the question within 5 seconds. If they answer correctly they can take one large step towards another child. If they are able to tag someone, that person should sit down out of the game. Each time a child answers a correct timestable within the given 5 seconds they get to move one large step towards another child. If they do not answer correctly or within the 5 seconds the teacher can choose another child to answer that same question. If they are correct, they can move towards another child to tag. The end of the game is where one child is left and everyone else is sitting. This game can take quite a long to time about 15 minutes.

A variation could be where you could use subtraction or addition equations depending on the age and ability of your class.

Envelope Timestables (Classroom Math Games 4)

Have a range of envelopes with each of the timestables suitable for your class age group and ability. Write on the front 5x or 6x or 2x depending on the child. On the word "Go', have your children grab an envelope which is at their level and open it ready to answer the questions. Give children 5 or up to 10 minutes to answer the questions in their books. (They have to write out thetimestable answers in the back of their books or on the actual paper in the envelope). Once time is up the teacher checks their answers and the child writes their correct number. Do this everyday and the child can check if they are learning more and more everyday. If they have answered every question correctly, they can move up the timestable.

1-10 (Classroom Math Games 5)

Have your children set out about 8 equal rectangles evenly done at the back of their books. These should be numbered 1-10. The teacher calls out a variety of timestable questions for the children to just write answers only. Once all questions have been asked, all children should swap their books to a neighbor ready for them to tick or put a dot next to the answers. The teacher should ask the questions again and ask various children to give the answers.

Rote Learning with CD (Classroom Math Games 6)

Play a CD with a recording of the teacher reciting the timestables per level. Children can listen to these in small groups, whole class or even individually with a CD player. This is great for children as a whole to learn together.

Beep (Classroom Math Games 7)

Have children in a large circle. Children will be counting from 1,2,3,4 and on the fifth count they are to say 'beep' Tell them that multiples of 5 will be said as a 'beep' rather than the actual answer. For instance 5,10,15 and so on are considered 'beeps'. If a child says the actual answer instead of the beep answer the game goes back to zero again. The aim is the reach 100 without making a mistake.

You can play this game with multiples of any number.

Maths Games on the White Board

Have a large speech bubble with the number 214+?=

And next to the equation have a variety of numbers dotted around it such as 5,88,122 etc. The children have to complete the equations as quickly as they can within a given time frame say 3 mintues. The children who have the most correct in that time and have points on the board.

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