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Family Outdoor Games

Families can provide meaningful experiences for everyone. Family outdoor games are great, especially when there are great opportunities to share company with family. The following games are old time favourites and some original activities are bound to spark some real fun and laughter. Great memorable experiences for all.

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BackDown (family outdoor games 1)
You need a baseball bat and a softball or tennis-ball min this outdoor family games. The batter lines up on the base holding the bat ready to hit the pitched ball as far as they can. Once the ball has been hit, they wait until the fielders (rest of the family) run out to grab it. Once they have, the batter needs to lay the bat down with the bat facing the fielder. The fielder must roll the ball towards the bat along the ground. If they hit the bat anywhere, ‘they’ then become the next batter. If they do not, the original batter has another turn until someone does hit the bat with a roll of the ball. This is a great game to play with little children and adults alike.

T-ball (for a large extended family) (family outdoor games 2)
A very similar game to softball or baseball. Arrange family members into two teams. Have four bases ( rubber mats, jumpers, cones) arranged in a diamond shape. Have a ‘T’ (which holds the ball) with the ball on-top. The batter should hit the ball hard and run to the first base within the diamond. If the ball lands within the diamond they have to run to first base. If the first base tagger tags them with the ball, and the batter has not touched the base he or she is out. The aim is for the batter to run around the bases to reach home-base without getting tagged. If the batter hits the ball and a fielder catches it, they are out.

Once all the team members have had a go, then call ‘side-away’ which means the fielders now become the batters and the batters become the fielders. Once both teams have had a go at hitting the ball, count the amount of home-runs. The winning team has the most.

Softball or Baseball (family outdoor games 3)
Same game as before without the ‘T’. Softball you pitch underarm, Baseball you pitch overarm. You may want to call ‘side-away’ once three team members are out.

Tag or Tiggy (family outdoor games 4)

One of the most famous family outdoor games. One person is the tagger and they try to tag another person. That person who has been tagged now tries to find someone else to tag and so on, until most people have had a turn at being the tagger.

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Blob Tag (family outdoor games 5)
Two people begin by linking arms. They run after the rest of the family members and try to tag them. Once they have tagged someone, that new person then links with them making three. They then try to tag new members. Once they have four in a row, they must split up and become two teams of two after the rest of the family members. This game is very noisy and fun. Make sure you have set the boundaries so no-one cheats too much. This is one of the a fun and loud family outdoor games.

Octopus (family outdoor games 6)
Set out a large playing area with cones or markers. Have all members of the family stand along once side of the large rectangular area. Have three taggers in the middle. They are to tag the untagged people and can run or walk fast after them. One tagger should say...”You must run if you are wearing the colour red etc” Those people who are wearing red anywhere on their body, must run from once side to the other without getting caught by the taggers. If they do get caught they become seaweed and their legs remain pinned to the ground. Seaweed people can tag untagged people, but they cannot move their legs or feet. The taggers must keep calling out colours of the non-tagged people to run until all have been tagged. Only the original taggers can move not the seaweed. This is fun because only the very agile can win.

Wrote a Letter (family outdoor games 7)
For small children, have all the family members arranged in a large circle with their eyes closed. One person should skip behind all the members running around the circle. They will chant...” I wrote a letter to my lover and on the way I dropped it, someone must have picked it up and put it in their pocket, it wasn’t you, it wasn’t you”... etc until the drop the letter behind someone’s back. The skipper must then say...”Look behind your back!”. Everyone must check behind to see if they have the hanky or letter etc. If they do, they then grab the item and race around the circle to get back to their sitting place. But the original skipper must run as-well to their place. The first person there is the winner. The last person then has to say the chant and choose the next person. You can make the winner be the person with the letter again if you like.

Granny’s Footsteps
One person is in the centre of a designated area. The rest of the family should wait along a line waiting for granny to turn around with her back to them. Once she does that, everyone must silently sneak up on her. If she turns around and catches someone move, she will call their name and they are to go to the original line to play again.

WheelBarrow Relays
Have adults grab the legs of children at a start line. On the word “Go”, the adults should wheel their children to the finish line. The winners are the ones who pass the line first. Give a prize to the funniest first and last pair.

Draw a large circle with chalk on concrete, have most family members stand on the circle facing in, ready to grab any ball which comes their way. Have three people stand in the middle of circle. The outside people should throw the balls at the three middle people’s legs below the knee. Those three should try and doge the coming balls. If they are hit between the knee and the feet, they have to swap with the person who hit them. Keep the rules simple. Only throw between the knees and the feet, any higher does not count. Use soft balls if you have small children.

This is a great game to play with older children and adults in a forest or bush. Have two to three people with flashlights or torches. Allow the rest of the family members to hide in the forest or bush without going to far. (set boundaries before the game). Once everyone has had sufficient time to hide, the three got out to find them with a flashlight or torch. When they do find them, they caught people have to go to a designated home-base until all are caught. The winners are the last ones left to be found.

Hide and go Seek
Great simple game to play inside or outside the house. Have one person count from one to 20 while the other players hide some-were. Once the counter has counted to 20 they have to try and find the others. When they have found everyone the last person found becomes the tagger.

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