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Fiesta Party Games

Welcome to our winning page on Fiesta Party Games. For a spectacular and crazy fun outdoor, beach party and games, this page will have a couple of great ideas. Some equipment may be required, but preplanning makes all the difference.

Fiesta Party Games No#1

The Limbo

Mexican themed music can be played in the background. Have your guests one at a time, take their turn at shimming under the Limbo stick. Two guests should stand at opposite sides of a stick and hold it at chest level. Everyone needs to stand in line and bend backwards while trying to move under the limbo stick, you can use a broomstick. After the line has had their go, lower the broomstick about 5 inches and so on. The
winner is the person who succeeds in limbo without falling on their backside. Give a prize for the funniest limbo dance.

Fiesta Party Games No#2

Sombrero Dance

Have your guests dance around on the dance floor to some Mexican Music. When the music stops, the person wearing the Sombrero must quickly put it on another party guests head, without them knowing. Keep the game up until everyone has had a go. The winner is the person who is last to have the hat on their head.

Fiesta Party Games No#3

Hot Pepper Relay

Divide children into two teams. Give a child on each team a big oven mitt to wear.Make sure you put three peppers in the child's mit and they are stacked. On the word go, the first two children in line must quickly walk to a designated cone or point, walk around it three times and then go back to their line. They should then give the mitt with the peppers on to the next child. This continues until all children have had a go.

Party Games No#4

Jumping Beans

Tell your party guests (children) that Mexican jumping beans have a pupa inside and when they get warm the caterpillar insides tries to turn into a butterfly but wriggling and jumping. Put some Mexican music on and have the children jump around like crazy beans. When the music stops they have to freeze. Anyone who is still moving and is caught has to sit out. Continue with the game until the very last child is left. They have won the game.

Party Games No#5

Mexican Music

Using Maracas, clackers, spoons and guitar or anything which makes a good sound. Have your children make music up to a given Mexican beat and then showcase their ideas to the rest of the group at the end. Give each group about 20-30 minutes to come up with something.

Party Games No#7

Kick Ball

Have two teams line up for a team relay using a human-made obstacle course. You can use tables, small chairs, buckets, boxes, cones to act as obstacles. Have each team kick the ball around the obstacles as fast as they can. The first team member should pass the ball to the next child. The next child should complete the course and pass it on until the whole team has gone through. The winning team is the team who finishes first and does not cheat.

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