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Fun Classroom Games

This page features fun classroom games for children and teenagers. These games are great for filling between subjects or having a break from normal work with a bit of fun. Young people love the chance to play games especially if they are fun. Check the following games out. They have been tried and tested and are great for kids of any age, Including adults. Check out the classroom Maths game and even icebreaker games for adults. The children's games page is also a hit with teachers and parents. The outdoor relay games are great for field fun.

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The Creativite Teacher

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Classroom Guidance Games

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Silly Sausage (fun classroom games 1)

This is a great game to play with children from 4 to 8 years of age. One child begins the game by standing up infront of the class. The rest of the class has to ask the child a range of silly questions, such as..."What is your girlfriend's name?" The child must answer every question with the phrase..."Sausage". The aim of the game is to get the child to break into a laugh or smile. If they do, then the child who asked the question swaps over and they take the original child's position. This is a great game to play with children as it gets them on their toes and they laugh a lot.

Toot Toot (fun classroom games 2)

Have the class arranged in a large circle. One child should leave the room. Once they have gone, the teacher or adult arranges it so that two children in the circle become the toot toot sounds. The children should all be holding hands and one person will begin the game by gently squeezing the hand of their neighbor. That neighbor then squeezes the hand of the next person and so on. When the squeeze gets around to the children who say 'toot toot' they must say it aloud. The child who left the group should now be in the middle of the cirlce. That child must now try and guess who the toot toot people are. If they do guess correctly then they name the children aloud. They then swap with one of the toot toot children. Keep playing until about 6 children have had a turn. This is a great cooperative and fun game.

Sneak Up on Granny (fun classroom games 3)

The aim is for children to tag Granny who is standing with her back to them. One child acts as Granny should stand at the front with their back to the rest of the class who should be lined up at the back of the room. Once Granny turns her or his back, the rest of the class should try and sneak up and should freeze when Granny turns around. If Granny turns around and finds someone moving their arms, lets, or body they name the moving children and they should move back into the beginning line. The person who reaches granny without getting caught by her is the winner.

Whispers (fun classroom games 4)

All children should sit in a circle. Whisper in the ear of a child a funny and reasonably simple sentence. They must whisper the same sentence in the ear of the next person without embellishing or changing the original message. Once you get to the end, ask them what the sentence is. Congratulate them if they kept the same saying, or if they got somewhere near. It's always funny to see how the original sentence has changed.

One Word at a Time (fun classroom games 5)

In pairs, each person must add to a story by giving one word at a time only. For instance the theme could be crocodiles in Iceland. Person one; "One", Person two "Day", Person One, "a" Person Two, "crocodile" (went swimming in iceland). The aim is to listen really well to your partner and continue to make up the story and make sense.

Gibberish (fun classroom games 6)

In pairs, each person should have a conversation in gibberish. Each child must pretend to completely understand what they other person is saying and answering back.

Funnyface (fun classroom games 7)

In a circle all people should be standing. One person should be in the middle. All the people in the circle should pull a funny face when the middle person's back is to them. If the middle person catches anyone, they swap with that person.

If You Love Me (fun classroom games 8)

All people should be standing in a circle. One person should go up to anyone in the circle and try and make them laugh. The sentence they should say is "If you love me honey, smile". Their aim is to get that person smiling. If they do, then that person is eliminated from the game. Keep going until a few people have been eliminated.The rules are that noone can touch anyone, but can do anything within reason to make them laugh.

BlindMan (fun classroom games 9)

In pairs one of them will have a blindfold on. The other person will lead them around without bumping into anyone else. this can put kids a little on edge and they often smile and laugh due to the unknown.

Music Down (classroom games 10)

All children will dance around the classroom to music. When the music stops, they all have to sit down on the floor asap. The last one down is eliminated and has to sit on their chair. The winner is the last person to be left sitting.

Blindmans Bluff (classroom games 11)

A great game to play in a hall or even outside. One child is blindfolded and stands in the middle of the room. On the word 'go' the blindfolded kid walks around and tries to tag a non blind person. This very noisy but a lot of fun. Once a person is tagged they have to go and sit on the mat away from the playing children. The last one tagged is the winner.

Hot or Cold (classroom games 12)

Hide a toy, book or special classroom item somewhere in the room. Have one person go and find the item. The children have to say hot, warm or cold to indicate where the item is.

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Do check out the games for children, many of them will be of use for the classroom. There are also plenty of outdoor games and outdoor relay games which would be great Physical Education.

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