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Graduation Party Games

Graduation Party Games for both College and High School students. These games are perfect to celebrate that significant milestone. Enjoy.


High School Graduation Party Games

If you are a recent graduate from a High School you will love some of the fun party games offered in the following paragraph. These games can be played during or after dinner we hope you enjoy.


Graduation T-Shirt Design

Have everyone bring along a plain t-shirt and vivid markers. When everyone is together, have all names in a hat and get another person take out a name. They will then have to design their t-shirt that represents them somehow.

An alternative idea is to have everyone bring in a plain t-shirt and have fellow High School students sign their name in colored markers.


Guess Who

Guests have the name of one of the graduate's teachers taped on their backs, and then circulate with other party guests. They give tips on which  teacher is taped to their back. The first person to guess correctly wins. This can also be played where students have to talk like them or act like them.

Question Game

 Arrange everyone in a circle. The rules are that the first person turns to the person directly next to them on the right and asks them a fun question such as: "Trudy, what kind of name is that?" They then have to talk to their partner next to them and ask the same question with a twist; "Duncan, what kind of strange name is that? If they repeat the exact sentence as before them, they are out of the game. The winner is the person who is left with a different sentence each time.


Have a range of fun questions about your classmates and interesting happenings that have happened throughout the year. Set it up as a quizz and give guests pen and paper. Once all questions have been asked, collate the correct marks and give a fun prize to the winner.

Name that Tune

Have a range of songs which came out during the academic year. Play 2-5 seconds of the song and then turn it off. Have guests write the title of the song in the correct order. At the end, call out the answers and have party guests tick their correct answers. The winner is the person with the most correct answers.

Guess the Mystery Artist

You may think your friends know you, why not organise a party where all the party guests paint a painting on a given theme and pin them up on the wall before the party begins. Put numbers below and hand out sheets with the numbers on them. Have everyone write the name of the person they think painted the painting. You may be surprised at who has some hidden talents. Do make sure the name of the artist is on the back. You could also have a prize for the person who wins the most correct guesses with a pack of paints or drawing pencils. This is a great graduation party game.

Guess the Baby

Have all your guests send you their baby photo before the date of the party. You will print them out and place them on a wall with numbers below. As per the Mystery Artist above, have your guests guess the baby by writing the name of the person they feel the baby is on a sheet of paper with the numbers on it. Gather up the guesses and talk about each. Have the guests guess aloud who they think the baby is and discuss any funny tid bits which arise. The person who guesses the most correct wins a baby bonnet or booties. Graduation party games can be cute too.

Salad Bowl

Have a bowl in the middle of the room with strips of paper. Each party goer writes down three interesting things about themselves on the paper and folds it and pops in back in the bowl. Once everyone has had a turn at writing their interesting things, they each pick a strip out of the bowl and read it. In turns have each read the three interesting things about the unknown person, then they guess who that person might be. Go around the circle with everyone doing the same thing. This is an excellent game because it gets you to know your fellow graduates better.

Guess the Future

Have the titles of the following headings up on a wall for everyone to see.
Most likely to have 5 children
Most likely to be married before they are 25
Most likely to be a multimillionaire
Most likely to be eccentric when they are old
Most likely to be a politician
Most likely to be in prison
Most likely to be famous.
Most likely to travel the world.

Have everyone write their vote by writing the names of guests under each heading. You can use post it notes for this game.  Once everyone has had a turn, read them aloud and you might find some funny predictions coming out.

Thanks for reading about our graduation party games. If you would like to add some more games go ahead and add them in the form below. Remember to put your first name and where you are from so we can acknowledge you.


Graduation is a fantastic achievement for anyone. Do check out the graduation page here.

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