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Graduation Party

Graduating from High School and or College is a very significant achievement. A Graduation party can be a great treat.  It can also be fun and exciting time, especially with throwing a great graduation event all set with friends, family, awesome food, drinks and entertainment. 

Liven up your fun Graduation celebration  with some of these favourite games with your friends and classmates. All party games are suited to small and large group situations. Party games can get your guests into a fun and positive mood. They can also help students celebrate their achievements throughout their study time. 

When developing your party do have a great party list to keep on track with party items, resources and foods.  This list also gives you a great way to track your party preparation progress.

Also check out some excellent local venues which might suit your party from the local pub, bar, hall, restaurants and or peoples homes. 

Party Entertainment can range form bands, vocalists, dancers, to party games. Make sure you plan in advance to ensure your graduation party is a huge success.

For College graduates you might be interested in drinking games and fun college games.  . Although these games can be played during your time of study. You can adapt to play again as part of the graduation experience. Why not invent some of your own games and play with your friends.


 High School Graduation Party Games

If you are a recent graduate from a High School you will love some of the fun party games offered in the following link. These games can be played during or after dinner we hope you enjoy.

College Graduation Party Games

If you are graduating from a University,Tertiary Insitution or College check out the following games to add to that extra special party. All to be played with small and large groups. Enjoy.

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