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Home Party Games are great for sellers within a home environment. Typically you would host your party with a great and fun game to help break the ice and get the selling mood happening. The following party plan games are great way to get your guests into a great buying mood.

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Cell Phone Speedster (Home party games 1)

Write your cell phone number large on a piece of paper and place it infront of your group or prospects. Tell the group that on the word "Go!" they will dial the number which is your number. The person who gets to call your number first will win a small but great prize which promotes your product line. (pen, makeup, small bowl or packet of candy).

Have your prospects enter your phone number in their cell phones with your company logo on them. This is a great way for your business to get known and they have your number.

Double Dice (Home party games 2)

Have your prospects or customers in a circle and place some wrapped gifts in the center, Make sure you have a few winning presents to give away such as a cute looking memo pad, pens, picture frames etc. Wrap the presents so they are very attractive. Set a timer for as long as you feel you want the game to continue, this also would depend on the of guests at the show.

Give some dice to hostess and have her roll, if she rolls doubles she gets a gift from the floor. Continue with the next person in the circle and they should roll the dice. If they roll a double they get to chose a gift from the middle. Once the gifts are gone from the floor anyone that rolls doubles can take whatever gift they want from someone holding a gift. End the game when everyone has had a decent go at rolling the dice and most people have a gift.

Pens (Home party games 3)

This is a great way to get your pens back when handing them out to customers writing in their orders. Label each pen with a number. Have your customers write their number at the top of their order sheet. At the end of the night, tell your guests to hand back their pens to win a great little prize (chocolates). The hostess should pull out the winning pen and hand out the prize to the winner. It's a win win.

Bowl of Gifts (Home party games 4)

Have four or five well wrapped and attractive looking gifts in the middle of the circle. Have everyone write their names on small pieces of paper and put them into a bowl. Ask the hostess to pick one name out and read it out. That person wins the prize. Carry on with the party presentation until about a 20 minutes later take the next person's name out and so on. Make sure that you insert your business card within the presents. When they take out your card, it will evoke a pleasant sensation of being the winner at their friends party.

Purses and Wallets (Home party games 5)

One the count of go, your guests in groups or in pairs can find and search for examples of the following items. Once they find them they have to run up to the hostess and place them infront of them.

  • red lipstick
  • black shoe
  • $20.00
  • pen
  • cell phone
  • jewelry
  • business card

Whoever runs up first with any of the items gets a prize.

The Worm (Home party games 6)

Have a picture of a worm and a great gift on the table. Everyone has the opportunity to introduced themselves and mention something they like. The next person in line says who the previous person was (their name) and what they like and also says their name and something they like. Carry on until all people have had a chance to name each other in the group and something they like. Next ask the group who was the first person at the party. That person gets the prize. Do state as you are giving the prize..."The early bird gets the worm."

Blue Light Special (Home party games 7)

Have a timer go off periodically. Demonstrate your item. Whichever item you are demonstrating at the time can go on sale for a 10% discount.

Clothes Peg (Home party games 8)

Each guest gets to have a peg clipped in an obvious place on them. Whenever they cross or uncross their legs during the night and someone catches them, they are allowed to steal their peg and put it on themselves. The person with the most pegs wins a lovely prize.

The Banana game (party games 9)

On your invitations to your party, write that the guests have to bring along a banana. This evokes curiosity and ensures a high attendance. The hostess must do their best to keep the secret. Once your guests have arrived, choose a good time in the party to bring out the bananas. A lovely gift could be sitting on the table with a banana next to it. As criteria the hostess should state that the winner of the prize is the person who brought a banana which is: the biggest, smallest, yellowest, mushy-est, brownest etc. Once the winner has been chosen, bring out ice-cream, sprinkles and chocolate sauce to make great banana splits for the group.

Bonus Buy (party games 10)

Draw up a grid with about 50 squares and have them number from 1-50. Before the party begins, tell the group that they can buy a square each for one dollar and put their name on the square. Ensure there are most if not all squares are filled in. At the end of the night, get a small bag of numbers from 1-50 and pull one out. If that number matches the guests, they are allowed to use the money to buy an additional item from your list of items.

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