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Fun indoor games when playing with a small group of people. Great for babysitters/cousins and siblings.

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Hide and seek

One person is it and they count to 100. While he or she is counting the other players run and find some place to hide. Once the count of 100 is over, the it person then tries to find the other players. Once they are found they are no longer in the game. The game ends when the last person is found. That person then becomes ‘it’ and then the games begins again.

Granny's Footsteps

One person stands at the far end of a room. The other players stay at the other end. When   ‘granny’ turns around with her back showing, the other players sneak or move towards her with the aim of tagging her. If she turns around and catches a player moving (they have to freeze if she turns around) that person has to begin again at the beginning. Once granny has been tagged, then that person steps in as Granny for the next round.

Name a Famous Person

One person begins with the name of a famous person for example, Tom Cruise. The next person has to name a famous person with the last letter of the last name which in this case is ‘e’. They might come up with the name Elizabeth Taylor and so on and so on. The game ends when someone cannot name a famous name.

Celebrity Head

All players have a famous name on their foreheads but they cannot know who this person is.  This can be written on paper and stuck to the head with tac of some kind. Each person asks the group a question which would have a yes or no answer. If they get a yes, then they can ask another question from the group. If they get a no, then the next person in line must ask the group yes or no questions to find out who their person is. The winner is the person who can guess who their person is first.

staring Competition

This is mainly a pair game, but each pair needs to focus on another person’s eyes without flinching or looking away. The first person who does loses the game.
You can change this game by having the first person to blink would be the loser.

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