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Office Christmas Party Games

Office Christmas Party Games to have at your office or a great party venue. These games are great to celebrate your work team's efforts for the year, just before Christmas. It provides your co-workers a great time to bond with each other and enjoy the workplace without all the stress. Do check out the general office party games. These are great for a great office pick me up. Also the Ice Breakers are great fun for meeting new people at conferences and other work events.

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Guess the Xmas Candy (office christmas party games 1)

Have a large jar filled with candy or lollies which have a Christmas theme. Hand out pieces of paper to your party guests. They have to write the amount of candy or lollies they think is in the jar. At the end of the party, count up the amount and correspond with the person who guesses the closet number. The winner can take home the jar of candies or a delicious prize.

Twin Gift Wrap (office christmas party games 2)

Put people in pairs and they must hold each other around the waist with their bodies side by side. Each pair should have a roll of Xmas paper, tape, a gift to wrap. On the word ‘go’ everyone must do their best to wrap up the gift as quickly as possible using only their free hands. The winning team is the pair who completes the wrapping first and the neatest. The host of the party can decide on the winner.

Shaving Santa (office christmas party games 3)

Have your co-workers in peers. One pair will nominate themselves to be Santa. He or she will put shaving foam on their face. On the count of ‘go’ the other pair member must shave off the beard as quickly and neatly as possible using a plastic spoon. First pair to do so is the winner.

Name the Logo (office christmas party games 4)

Have a range of well known logos on paper. In groups of four, each must label and name the logo on paper and quickly give it to the leader or host of the party. The first group to get all the correct answers are the winners.

Mystery Stocking (office christmas party games 5)

Fill Xmas stockings with the same small Christmas items such as candy, snow globes, chocolate santas. Arrange your guests in groups of 3 or 4. Each group has to feel what is in the bag while blind folded and guess what each item is. Stockings should be sewn shut. One person should write down each item on a piece of paper. The first group who thinks they have guessed the correct items, must race up to the host and give their answers to the them. The winning team is the one who names all the items correctly or is the closet to the original items.

Alphabet Xmas (office christmas games 6)

Each group should have the numbers a to z listed on a piece of paper. On the count of ‘go’ each group should name an item which is related to the Christmas theme beginning with the letter of the alphabet. The first team to do so correctly are the winners.

Santa Hats (office christmas games 7)

The rule is no one can take off their hat before the host does. Everyone should be given a Santa hat to wear at the door as they arrive. Explain to the guests that they must keep their hat on at all times until they see the host no longer has one on during the night. If they notice then they should take off their hat. The aim is not to be the last one to notice that everyone has their santa off. This game creates a lot of fun and laughter.

If you love comedy and you love Christmas, imagine sitting with your work friends with a lovely cup of hot chocolate while watching some of the best episodes of 'The Office' at Christmas time.

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