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A great page to help find party entertainers for a birthday party or a group celebration for any age. Entertainers such as clowns, fairies, and fun characters to singers, actors and bands. This great page gives you insights in what to expect with acts and how to enhance a great party for any celebration.

Fairies for a Children's Party

Typically hiring a fairy is a great addition for a fabulous children's birthday party. You would find a Fairy for children's parties through the internet and yellow pages. If you find a great looking fairy online, take a look at any great testimonials. Take a look at the kinds of activities the party fairy would provide for the children, including any food items. Make sure the food items are okay to give to the children (for instance no peanuts). The fairy can blow bubbles and interact with the children. She can also throw fairy dust which is often glitter. Little girls especially love Fairies and are sometimes transfixed by them. A great Fairy would be able to tell Fairy stories and be able to control children. There are many great fairies out there to choose from. For great results have the guests get dressed as a Fairy themselves.


Ever thought what it would be like to become a children's party Magician? Well first begin by reading and finding out what it is to become a Magician from really good books already written. Find games and activities which you know you could begin with and rehearse these games until you become a pro.Practice until your have your set of tricks down really well. By practicing infront of a mirror you will notice what the audience might see. Or you could film yourself and truly see what the audience sees.

Search online for the stagecraft and showperson-ship that is required. Youtube have some excellent videos which demonstrate excellent tricks for children. You would find magicians in the yellow pages or online. They often feature in theatres, schools, for special kids events and birthdays. Practice until you have it down properly.

If you see a show you might like to approach the person themselves and ask them for personal lessons in which you will pay for.

Good luck on your journey!!  The blue link takes you too a professional site which tells you more about becoming a Magician and or a party entertainer.

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