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Party Games For Christmas

Fun, cool and crazy party games for Christmas for your family and friends. Check out the awesome fun games both indoor and outdoor. These games can be played after unwrapping of presents, after lunch or even after you have taken your much needed nap.

Printable Christmas games for all the family

Musical Chairs Party Games for number 1

Arrange two lines of chairs which should be back to back. Make sure there is one less chair than the party guests. Play the music and allow the children to march around the chairs in time to the music. When the music stops, all the children should quickly sit on a chair, one per chair. The person who is left, is eliminated from the game. Carry on with the game until you have one chair and two players left. This can get very funny when they fight it out to get to the last chair. Make sure the losing player get something nice such as a little Christmas present for participating.

Famous Movie One Liners Party Games for number 2

'Who Said It?'.Before the party write down well known movie quotes or tags, such as I'll be back!" from the Terminator movie. Have one person read out the quotes and the party goers should write down the answers from the movies. For extra points they can also name the actor playing that role. Make sure the movies have equal number of guys and girls such as chick flicks and action movies.

Thanks for taking a look at the fun Christmas party games on this page. Do check out the other games we have especially for adults and games for children. You can change them to give a Christmas feel.

Christmas Carol Charades Party Games for Christmas number 3

On a range of small pieces of xmas paper write a Christmas carol on each and put them into a bowl. Divide your guests into two groups. Have the first person come up and take a piece of paper. They have to either choose to act out, hum the tune or draw a picture such as symbols of the carol. Give the team 2 minutes to come up with the answer. If they do not guess the carol name they do not get the point. The other team now competes with their carol to act, hum or draw. The winners are the ones who have the most points and the losers have to sing a chosen song from the winning team.

Christmas-Oke Party Games for Christmas number 4

Like Kareoke have your players be divded into to two teams. Each team will find 5 Christmas or contemporary songs for the other team players to sing. They can choose specific people to sing a chosen carol. The object is to get people singing and having a good time singing songs they may not or may know well.

Jumping Elves Party Games for Christmas number 5

Tell your party guests that the Elves get so excited wrapping presents and helping Santa that they keep jumping up and down. Put some fun upbeat Christmas music on and have the children jump around like excited Elves. When the music stops they have to freeze. Anyone who is still moving and is caught has to sit out. Continue with the game until the very last child is left. They have won the game.

Gift Wrapping Fun Party Games for Christmas number 6

Give pairs a pair of scissors, tape and item to wrap and a Christmas bow. Each pair should grab each other around the waist with one arm and the other should be free. On the count of go, each pair must wrap their present and put the bow on the top. The fastest and neatest team will win the game. This is fun for all the family.

Present Grap Party Games for Christmas number 7

Have one person sit in the middle of the other party guests. She should be blind folded. Place a wrapped present in-front of her. The object of the game is to try and sneak the present back to their sitting place without the blindfolded person pointing at them. The blind folded person must try and hear what is going on around her and point at who is around her to get them away from her present. If someone wins the present they get a go at being in the middle and they win a small prize. Keep playing until most people win.

Snow Man Make. Party games for Xmas number 8.

 Have all guests outside on a patch of lawn. Guests have to make a snowman in the shortest period of time which includes, two eyes, a carrot, and sticks for arms. 

Photo booth  Provide silly props and backdrops for guests to use. The photographer takes photos of guests in all sorts of fun and silly poses. Lots of fun. .

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