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Pirate Party Games

Pirate party games for you, your friends, your children and the extended family.Take a look at the following games and pick one or a few to enhance your pirate party.

Make sure to make an appropriate Pirate birthday party cake. Your children and their friends will love anything to do with pirates and adventures on the sea.

Your decorations should also resemble pirate themes, with napkins, plates, drinks, cupcake toppers and candy boxes. You can't go wrong with going for gold, excuse the pun.

Pirate Party Games No# 1 children

Message In a Bottle

Give every child a small plastic soft drink bottle and a piece of paper and pen. Have them write a special message to put inside the bottle such as; a poem a short story or even a joke. Take them to the beach and have them seal the bottle well and let it float out to sea. You may want them to write the date and their contact details on the message, so that the recipient can let them know where the bottle ended up.

Pirate Party Game No# 2 older children

Sink the Ship

Materials Needed

  • a lot of tape!!
  • newspaper
  • two buckets
  • rope/chalk

Make newspaper cannon balls by screwing up balls of paper with tape. Divide the party goers into 2 teams and give each team a bucket of cannon balls. Using a rope or some chalk, mark out a boat in front of each team. When you say ‘Go’, all the children start throwing their cannon balls, with the aim of them landing in the opposing team’s boat. When all the cannon balls are thrown, the team with the most balls in their boat is sunk and the winning team is the one with the least balls in their ship.

Pirate Games No# 3

Walk the plank

  • a long plank
  • lots of pillows
  • gym mats

Divide the children into two groups. Set up a plank or balancing beam for the pirates to walk along. Have the opposing team use pillows to hit the team as they walk past. Make sure you set up gym mats to break the fall or you can go to the beach instead and the sand will. Award prizes for the pirates who make it across. Allow the other team to have their go.

Pirate Games no# 4 for younger to older children

Black beard

Materials Needed

  • blindfolds
  • tomato
  • appropriate pirate story

Build this game up to sound like a very good, adventure pirate story. Choose some brave pirates, who are then blindfolded, and told that a famous but scary pirate is coming to town. The blindfolded pirates should be invited to feel the stump of a leg (an adults knee), a whiskery beard (a broom) and then the missing eye (an open tomato) on cue. This game is not recommended for guests who are easily scared but it is awesome for pirates who like adventure.

Pirate party games no# 5 For younger children

Steal the Skull and Bones

Materials Needed

  • One skull and bones flag in different colors
  • each team member should have a scarf, belt, shirt with a color to represent their team.

Children are divided into two teams with the colors. Lay out boundaries to represent a large boat which can be mapped out using rope or cones. Lay each flag one each side of the boat. On the count of go, have the team members race in and try to defend their flag which at the same time try to steal the flag from the other team.

Blind mans Point

Have a chosen pirate to sit on a chair and have a blind fold on. The rest of the pirates should stand around and try to move out of the line of pointing finger from the seated pirate. The seated pirate should try and catch people around them by pointing infront, behind and to the side of him. If they catch on to someone then they are doomed to walk the plank or are eliminated from the game.

Blind Mans Bluff

A pirate is blindfolded. He or she should move around and try and catch or tag other children. If they do then they are eliminated from the game. These pirate party games are classic and good to try with any group.

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