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Presents for The Wife

Presents for the wife at your service.

Women can be complex, covert, not say what they really want and expect their lovers, partners, husbands or boyfriends to come up with the perfect present by mind reading. Well guys, we know that you aren't mind readers and sometimes need a little help with what women 'like' and what they don't like. Hints on getting sizes for lingerie, clothes and shoes. Hints on what secret foods they like. Tips on finding music tastes. And how to use subtle skills in getting answers in regard to presents, out of your loved one for their birthday, anniversary or for Christmas.

Finding Out What your Lady Likes

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Presents for the wife can be quite a task, especially when your wife, girlfriend or partner professes to not know what she really wants on her birthday or Christmas. The trick is when you are on general shopping trips, to take note of the shops she stops by and has a look in. Listen to what she says she likes and write down in your phone or a small notebook any ideas. These following verbal acknowledgements may give away what your lady would like.

  • Oh my gosh that is so cute!
  • Oh I really like those
  • I think the silver one looks good on me, or it goes with my skin
  • That's nice

Often the price may be a handicap towards them buying the item for themselves, especially when there are children involved. Often women put themselves second to everyone. So listen to her verbal talks about items when you are online, in shops or in general conversation.You just might pick up some hints.Failing that just ASK THEM. Even though women prefer you to be psychic, sometimes they know telling you is the better answer. But only ask them as a last resort.

Makeup is a great present for the wife

Many women love to buy makeup, why you ask? It's because women like to look better than they feel and looking good can often bring up an average mood. So if you are a guy, you might like to choose items from a makeup counter such as:

  • Masscara, this helps bring out the eyelashes and make your loved one's eyes larger and more alert. Please do not buy run of the mill or average masscara as she already buys those, but would prefer you buying her something more feminine, delicate and stylish.

Trust me, every time she puts this on it will remind her of you.This is a great present for the wife.

Lipstick: This is another great present for the wife. Okay so often lipstick can be seen as a hard present to buy for a women. Here's where you need to bring in your good judgement. If you woman wears lipstick a lot, then sneak into her makeup bag and see the typical colours in her bag. You might want to buy a similar more expensive lipstick for her. If she doesn't wear lipstick that much, then I would not buy her any, but focus on another present instead. This lip palate below is a great one to give her, as it has a huge range of colors and would make your woman think you really thought about her wants (more for the 20-30 age group).

Skin Products: are one of the most lovely presents for the wife. Most Western Women love applying beautiful skin products on their body, especially their face. They want to retain their youth for longer. There are a huge range of products to buy, and for a guy or partner, it's often hard to know which one to buy. Women often see a beautiful bottle or jar and think..."love in a bottle". She will be chuffed knowing that you thought enough to buy her decent skin creams which they might substitute for cheaper creams usually. To be honest a pretty jar goes a long way.

Lingerie: One of the most sexy presents for the wife. Okay now be sensitive, some women loooove the fact you went out of your way to buy beautiful lingerie for them. However there are a few rules to know. If you do not know the size of your lady, sneak into her lingerie draw and find out bra size and panty size (just make sure you're not caught). This will give you a great idea as to what size you would buy her. It's kind of not great if you buy a beautiful set, but it's a size too small. A matching set of bras and panties are great especially if they are gorgeous to look at and feel. But you can't go wrong with feminine and beautiful matching sets. Also short nighties and panties are beautiful as well. Something to spice up your love life. Make sure you get an exchange card.

jewellery: Is always a beautiful presents for the wife. Most women love gorgeous jewellery. Anything with Gold or Silver would most likely be a smashing hit. Necklaces to rings to bracelets. Anything with gems, crystals, even diamonds would make your lady crazy with delight.

If your lady has an old watch or needs an upgrade, why not buy her a gorgeous new feminine watch. Women in their twenties usually use their phones to find out the time, but women in their 30's up often wear them. Watches are so handy and can make a great statement.

tBooks/e-readers/Ipads: These items are great presents for the wife. Okay so many women love to read books. Has your lady been hinting about what books she likes? Has she gotten around to getting them yet? Why not buy her a couple for reading at night or on the weekend. Now that technology has taken off, there are some fabulous e-book devices. If you have a couple of hundred dollars to throw around, why not take a look at a Kindle reader which can allow you to buy e-books, magazines, newspapers to read. They also store music files and documents as well. It's very handy present. Also the IPads are fabulous for doing working on, internet surfing, music playing, e-book reading, games, just about anything a computer can do. No longer will your lady be on your computer, she'll have her own. Plus they are a great learning tool for kids.

Other Fabulous Presents for the Wife or Ideas

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  • A nice bottle of perfume such as chanel No5
  • A lovely bottle of wine $40 plus
  • A scarf, woollen (think mohair or wool from New Zealand)
  • Their favourite cook book or author
  • A DVD of their choice along the lines of Mama Mia or The Notebook
  • A huge bunch of flowers to be sent to her place of work or at home
  • subscription to a favourite magazine (Health, Woman's Day, Scrapbooking)
  • A basket of goodies: chocolates, nuts, oils, herbs, cookies, biscuits, spreads etc all covered in a lovely bow.
  • Personalised poem or book
  • Personalised canvas of them and their family.
  • Book on gardening
  • A personalised bag with their name and a beautiful design, think zazzle.com
  • Their favourite book.
  • Buy her a great handbag
  • Buy her some stylish but comfortable shoes
  • Buy her craft/knitting supplies if she loves to craft or knit
  • A fabulous meditation CD
  • A massage voucher
  • A manicure voucher
  • A beauty facial voucher
  • Order a date with the local hair dressers.

There are many many more ideas for presents for the wife. Just ask your friends and the female friends in your life, what they think they would like from their husbands etc.

Thanks for checking this page out, we hope you got some great tips and ideas. You might like to check out the ideas for women who are turning 50 birthday present ideas. Check out the neat games we have for adults, even the valentine games and the sexy party games. From presents for the wife to the homepage