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Princess Party Games

Princess Party Games for that special birthday or general party. Winning games which will thrill your little princesses and is fun to throw as well. Do check out the fun Slumber Party Games which may be appropriate as well. Not to mention the wonderful children's party games from old favorites to the new and fabulous.

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Balloon and Wand (princess party games 1)

For 3-8 years

Place many pink and white balloons on the ground of the sitting room. Give all your guests a wand. Instruct them to hit the balloons without letting them drop to the floor using their wand. This is a co-operative game where everyone helps everyone else to win the game.

Cutest of Them All (princess party games 2)

For 5+ years

Have a range of chairs for the guests to sit on and put them in a circle. One person who should begin, should stand in the middle of the circle of chairs say "Mirror mirror on the wall who's the cutest of them all?"...they then should say a something similar to; "the ones with the white shoes". The children wearing white shoes must run to an empty chair without running to their nearest neighbor's chair. The one child who does not get to a seat in time, is now the person in the middle and asks the question. Keep the game going until everyone has a go at being in the middle.

Musical Princesses (princess party games 3)

For 4+ years

Have a range of lovely and large pictures of princess themes taped to parts of the floor or on cushions. Have all the children begin by sitting on a cushion and as soon as the music begins they must walk around. When the music stops, they must try and sit on a cushion as soon as possible. If a child misses and all cushions are taken, they are eliminated from the game. The adult should then take away a cushion. Keep going until the last princess is left. Ensure to give every princess a small prize for participating in the game.

Pin the Crown on the Princess (princess party games 4)

For 3+ years.

Played as you would with Pin the tail on the Donkey. Have a child blindfolded and they should hold the large crown and aim towards the Princesses head.

(the princesses head could be the hostesses daughter etc).

Hot Princess Cushion (princess party games 5)

For 3+ years.

You will need a princess or fun looking cushion. Play some children's music and have the children pass the cushion around the group while the music is played. Once the music turns off, the child who is still holding the cushion is eliminated from the game. Keep going until the last person is left and they have won the game.

Treasure Hunt Games (party princess game 6)

Hide pictures of the Princess or princess related images around the house. Number the pictures on the back. Instruct the children, that they are going to find pictures of the host (princess) or birthday girl and when they do, they have to go back to the parent/organizer and show them their number. On a table have a range of fun party princess items with a numbers below them. They are then ready to receive the corresponding prize, hand out their prize.(When children are hunting make sure the pictures are poking out a little and can be seen if toddlers are involved.)

Guess the Marshmallows (party princess 7)

Have a lot of pink and white Marshamallows and put them in a jar. Have your young guests guess the amount on small pieces of paper. When nearing the end of the party, count the marshmallows and announce to the party guests who has got the closet guess to the actual number of marshmallows. Give the jar to the winning guess. Or you can give them a princess prize of your own.

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Princess Themes

Princess Stations

As the adult and party organizer there are great ways to set up the princess party themed parties. You can set up your home and have beautiful looking stations or sections of the sitting room. One station would be the makeover section, the next station would be the princess craft station and the other station would be the princess bedroom station. Once all the children have arrived have two or more children try out each station for 10-15 minutes at a time. In the makeover section you could have an adult curling the girls hair and putting on basic lipstick and eyeshadow or even do their nails. In the craft station the children could decorate mini picture frames with pink and white glitter or princess stickers. In the Bedroom station you could have a princess decorated bed and have the children each have a turn at lying in the bed and have their photo taken.

The Beauty Princess Tote Bag

This bag is perfect for your princess party with all the neccessary makeup for a great Princess party. Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all? Disney Princess Beauty Play Set lets her answer the question after her royal make-over. Fanciful fun with 7 princess toy hair accessories.This is very popular with young children. Click on the photo to order yours.

Princess Party Tent

This little beauty, will delight your little girl's party friends when they come over to play. This princess tent is perfect for story telling. Create a kingdom in any corner of the house with this magical castle for kids. This is a great addition for a princess party and it will be one that they will never forget. Click on the photo to order one.

Beautiful Princess Costume

This is truly a gorgeous little princess dress, any child would feel special in. Imagine a fabulous princess party with all the guests dressed as a princess or a prince. What an extravaganza!!. Click on the photo to order one for your little princess.

From Princess Party Games to Homepage. We hope you enjoyed ideas for your next princess party game.