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Romantic Birthday Ideas

These romantic birthday ideas are prompts for a great day had with your loved one. Why not plan something extra special from petals on the bed to a trip to Paris. Plenty of fun ideas here, do add your own ideas in the box at the bottom of the page.

Romantic  Birthday Ideas for him or her

Rose Petals

Buy a bunch of roses and pick off the petals to lay from the front door to a lovely candle lit dinner.

Or lead the petals to the bedroom for a romantic interlude.

Candle lit Dinner

Provide a candle lit dinner for her or him. It goes without saying that food is the gateway to the heart. If you are wanting romantic ideas for recipes why not  check out this website. Jamie Oliver's site offers excellent ideas for food ideas. You simply can not go wrong with his food ideas.

If you're up for a great romantic trip, why not head over to Paris and visit the Eiffel Tower for a romantic kiss. Many engagements have taken place there, why not ask your significant other to marry you while visiting. This is one of the more traditional romantic birthday ideas.

Romantic getaway. Take your lover to a favorite hide away or a place in which you can drop off the kids with parents or understanding relatives and enjoy your time away. This need not cost a lot, but it can be very special if you've been saving up for a while.


-ice skating

-a place with a view

-hire a house in the wilderness

-visit another town


-favorite fishing spot

-bed and breakfast


Why not send a bunch of beautiful flowers to your loved one at work. Not all would welcome the embarrassment, but many would love to be spoilt at work with a gorgeous bunch of flowers.

Gift Voucher. Why not give your loved one a voucher for the day. This voucher can range from doing all the house work for the day, making dinner, or giving a wonderful massage or an intimate interlude. The world is your oyster.

Other ideas for vouchers:


-hair salon appointment


-golf lessons

-scuba diving lessons

-flying lessons

-hot air balloon ride

Chocolate bar Tree

Make a great chocolate bar tree with a pot plant, candy and wrapped chocolate bars. Using long skewers poke the wrapped chocolate bars on the ends. Place the skewers in the candy within the pot. Arrange how you best see fit. Watch the video below in how to make your own.

Entertainment Tickets

Why not buy tickets to a concert, play, musical theatre, movie or event which your significant other would love to go to. Plan this in advance and why not include a romantic dinner before hand. Experiences stick within your memory, so why not this?

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