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Super Bowl Party Games

Super bowl Party Games are an excellent addition to any fun party for children or even adults. Games from Piggy in the Middle to more sophisticated games which require strategies.  Get your guests together and set up. Most games are easy to set up and require few resources. Do check out the team relay games and kids outdoor games they might be fabulous for your super bowl times.

Hot potato Football

Children or guests are arranged in a group in a large area. A football is thrown into the group. Once someone catches it, they must throw to another person quickly before the music stops. If the music stops and anyone is holding the ball, they drop out of the game. Continue the game until the last person is left. They win the game.  This is a fun super bowl party game.

Kick the Ball

Simple game is for any amount of players. Simply have two footballs at two cones and have the party guests line themselves up behind each cone. Make sure they are evenly matched. Everyone has an opportunity to kick the ball as far as they can. The person who kicks the furthest after three rounds is the winner.

Superbowl Lineup

Arrange the players as per the grid below:

(Team one)   goal         (Team Two)

    1x                                   5x

    2x             6x                  4x

    3x              Ball                3x

    4x              6x                 2x

    5x                                   1x


Number off each team members and they should align themselves similar to this grid. When the coach blows the whistle he or she calls a number, in this case  numbers 6x from each team race to get it. Whomever gets it first passes to their team members or tries to run to their goal without getting tagged the other team (6x). The team members can choose to pass it along their line towards the goal, or they can pass back to the number 6x. Once 6x gets near the goal and has the ball he or she should run over the finish line before getting tackled (or touched by the other player). The 6x players then go back into their line.

Place the ball in the middle and have another round. The coach calls out another number and members who have been given that number must run in at try to get the ball. Carry on the game until everyone has had a turn.

Piggy in the Middle

A classic game where two piggies are situated a distance from each other. Have the rest of the team mates in the middle of the two Wolves. On the count of go, one Wolf must throw it as far as she can and reach the other Wolf. If the other Wolf catches it, he or she throws it back. If the ball is not thrown well enough or reaches the other Wolf and a piggy catches it, the piggy swaps with the piggy who didn't throw it well enough or further enough.

Sneak Up on Coach a Great super bowl party game

Great game for children.  Have coach up the front of the team. His or her back should be to the group and they should have a football behind them on the ground.



         (Team members)x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

On the blow of the whistle, the team members should try and sneak up on coach to grab the ball and freeze if they think coach is going to turn around. If coach turns around to catch anyone moving at all, they name the teamplayer and they must to the start point of the game. If someone does manage to get to the ball, the must try and block the coach from seeing who else might grab the ball. All other team players should be sneaking up to either block the ball from coach or pass it back to other team members behind them. The aim is to get the ball back to the start point of the game. A great strategy Super bowl party game.

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