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Tea Party Games

Tea Party Games and activities for children who love to interact with other little guests and play some great games. These games are for two or many children for a winning birthday or fun loving party. Do have a look at the winning children's games which can be adapted to any party. Also there are some great party ideas for princess parties or slumber parties for boys and girls.

Lawn Croquet tea party games 1

Have a range of lawn mallets and socks wrapped up inside each other. Plant two long sqewer sticks on the lawn to represent the hoops. Ensure there are about 6 lots. Have children try to hit the socks through the hoops around a short course. The child who hits the least amount of hits through the hoops is the winner. This is a traditional tea party games.

Grin on the Chin tea party games 2

Play Pin the Grin on the Cheshire cat as in Alice in wonderland. Print out a colored picture of the Cheshire cat and with the second cat, cut out the grin and place tape on the back of it. Have children lined up with the first one blind folded. They have to aim the grin on the cat in the correct place.

Musical Chairs tea games 3

Have enough chairs for everyone to sit on. Instruct the children that they are to walk about the chairs until the music stops and then they should sit down on a chair if they can. The child who misses out is elminated from the game. Play some music and take away a chair.

Dress Ups tea games 4

Have a range of fun wigs, dresses, makeup for children to get dressed up in.

Paint Eggs tea games 5

Have some boiled eggs and have paint on the table. Have your party guests paint fun designs on the eggs and leave on the table for a photo.

Cupcake Decorating tea games 6

Have some colored icing in bowls for the children to decorate some already made cupcakes which are bare. Watch the children make some beautiful and funny designs. The fun is also to eat them at the end.

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Bubble blowing tea game 7

Have enough bubbles and hoops for each party guest and have them blow them for great fun. Little children can then pop the bubbles.

Making Fairy Bread tea game 8

Arrange white bread on plates and have some colored sprinkles in the middle of the table as well. Have the guests butter the white bread, sprinkle the sprinkles on and cut with bread cutters. Yummy.

Make your own dessert tea games 9

Have a range of dessert food stuffs on the table. Have the party guests put as many different kinds of foods together for a great dessert. (Think sponges, ice-cream, sprinkles, marshmallows, candy etc).

Stack your Tea Cups tea games 10

Have your guests stack a cup or saucer at a time. Let them build up their stack until if falls down. The children with the remaining stack or last to fall down is the winner.

photo Simon Howden from freedigitalphotos.net