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Texting Games

W\hether you are away from you friends in another part of the country or close at hand, you can play these fun texting games at any time. Just let your buddies know when and what games to play and let the games begin.

Easy Texting Games

Name That Celebrity

Make sure there is a 30 second timeframe between each response. One of your will come up with a famous celebrity full name. Let say Mel Gibson. With the second letter of that name come up with another celebrity and send that onto your texting partner. You can play this game with two or more people. The winner is the person who was last to name the full name of a celebrity.

Build a story from scratch. One person begins the story with a paragraph, between two and three sentences. Make the reasonably short. Then send text onto your writing partner. You will be amazed at the great stories creativity can induce.

As in building a story with a paragrapy at a time, why not do the same but with one word each time. It will be interesting to read the story after five minutes of sending texts.

Have more than two playing at one time. One of you will be the instigator. You will be a celebrity and your two other texting partners will try to guess who you are by asking one question at a time, such as; "Are you a Grammy Award Winning singer?" You can reply 'Yes or No'.  The first person to guess and label that person is the winner.

Your first paragraph ...