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Alphabet or abc learning games are an extremely good way for little children to learn how to read. Most people know the ABC song which is universal, however many parents, teachers or caregivers do not always know of different games which can be made and utilised at home with your little learner. The following games sometimes require materials and making time, but can be very rewarding once you see your little one learning their alphabet and are onto their first sight words due to your hard work.

Alphabet Puzzle
You can buy blank puzzle pieces from a bookstore, craft-store or large department store. Starting from left to right and down the page, write in coloured pens the letters of the alphabet on each puzzle square. Be sure to decorate them with animals, insects and items which match the first letter of the alphabet. Once this is made, practice with your little reader beginning with the letter A, then B and so on while reading aloud and fit them together. Abc learnings games can be fun.

Flash Cards
You can either buy your cards or make them yourself. If you want to make them, find card stock or thick paper or even foam. Write the alphabet on each card using coloured pens and interesting corresponding pictures to go with each letter.

Hold the cards in your hand and lay them down in order from A to Z on the floor and read through each with your little reader.
Hold the cards in your hand and in order show one by one and have your little reader read each as they are shown to him or her.
If you have more than one child, hold the cards in your hand, and slowly turn them around. The first child to have it, gets to keep the cards. At the end of the game the one who has the most cards wins the game.

Memory (for ages 4 up)
This abc learning game Uses flash cards with the letters of the alphabe. Place them face down on the ground. Have children find A, then the child who finds it first gets to have a turn at finding the letter B, if they turn over a non B card then they place it back facedown and the next child tries to find the letter B. Go until the children are tired or when all cards have been chosen correctly. The child with the most cards wins the game.

Online Alphabet Rote Learning
This is a fantastic alphabet learning and phonetic sounding video. Play the video to your child and have them sound out the beginning letters and read the rest of the word. It’s very important to learn this way as it has good visuals and a nice beat.

Online Learning Alphabet Letters

Find the Letter
Place all the letters faceup on the ground. Call out a letter for your child to pick up. Every time the get the correct letter praise them.

A great alternative is to place the cards around the room. Have your child run and find the letters as you call them and they have to run back and give it to you. If you have more than one child, you can make a competition out of it and the first child back to you gets a point. These abc learning games can be very educational.

Alphabet Race Game
You can arrange your flash cards in any shape as long as it has a beginning with the letter A and so on until the end with the letter Z. Think about a snake shape, square shape, circle shape. Have your child use a small item to represent them such as a counter or button. Roll the dice. What ever the dice rolls is the amount of flash cards they move forward. If the child says the letter correctly, they stay on that flashcard. If they do not say it correctly to go back to their beginning square.

Spell It
Using the flashcards, ask your child to spell the following sight words:

You can also use fridge magnets to play this game as well.

Good luck with your ABC learning games everyone!!!

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