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Fun game of two teams with Sheriffs and the Bandits

Materials Needed

  • kitchen table

This game can be played indoors or outdoors or a combination of the both. Have the guest divided into two teams, one will be called the Sheriffs and the other team the Bandits. The object is to have the Bandits scatter around the house and hide. The Sheriffs have to find the Bandits and take them to a designated areas which represents the jailhouse. The first Bandit caught has to hold onto the leg of the kitchen table. The next Bandit caught has to hold onto the first Bandits leg and so on. The Bandits who are left have to try and free the caught Bandits by sneaking in and touching them on the shoulder. The object is to free the Bandits or hold all of them in the prison. This game will take a while to win.