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Funny Party Games

Having a birthday party, anniversary, engagement or everyday fun party? Funny Party games here will help you party go from okay to a hit. Remember to take a look at the materials, items and resources needed. In many cases you will not need a lot. Fun free games for everybody.

Funny Party Games number 1

Funny Face

No resources needed for this game. All you need is a rubber face and that means yours. Have one person sit in-between two others. Both the outside people should pull any kind of rubber face while the person in the middle isn't looking. They crazier the better. If the person in the middle catches them in the middle of their funny face, then they swap over in the middle. Continue with the game until everyone has had a turn. The winner is the person who is the quickest to spot the face puller.

Funny Party Games Number 2

Compliments Galore

Without the 'it' person knowing tell the rest of the group that you are going to give compliments to the person who has left the room, once they come back in. But that they have to give compliments in a subtle manner, not too over the top. The 'it' person may or may not recognize what is going on, but it puts a smile on everyone and at the very least giggles.

Another version is to have everyone come up with a joke to tell the targeted person when they come back in, but again do it in a subtle manner.

Funny Party Games Number 3

Waiter For You

This can be funny in a group party situation. Without the targeted person knowing, sneakily put a sign on their back saying "Waiter for the Night", and have the rest of the party goers keep asking the 'it' person to get them a drink, food or even get them a person.

You can write very funny words on paper for this kind of game, but make sure you target someone who can handle the joke.

Funny Party Games Number 4

Blindmans Bluff

For adults this game can get quite hilarious. Have your blind folded person try and find other party goers in a semi-large room. The other players can try and tickle the blindman and make him laugh. This is a fun active game for a medium sized group.

Make sure to check out the Messy Party Games for even more hilarity for your party. Oh and not to mention the fun and laughter you will get from the Drinking Party Games. There are great games you might like to adapt from the outdoor kids games to the themed party games. There is something for everyone. Take a look at the printable pages, for a great party writing ideas.

Funny Party Games number 5

Fruit Salad

Another of our most popular adults birthday party games. This is a game of interchanging chairs for a large group.

Materials needed:

Enough chairs for everyone minus one.

How to Play the Game

Everyone should be sitting on a chair facing inwards. One person should take away her chair and stand in the middle. That person will say aloud one thing to the audience, such as "Move to a new chair if you have motorbike", "Move to a new chair if you like Sushi". Everyone should move if that is true for them. Although they cannot move to a seat which is directly next to them. The middle caller, should immediately move to a new seat. Their should be one person left over and they ask a new question to the group. If the caller says "FRUIT SALAD". Everyone must move seats. Keep playing the game until everyone has a go in the middle.

Funny Party Games Number 6

What Cat?

Blindfold one person (the guesser) and sit him at the center of the circle. Have the guesser point in a random direction. Whoever is pointed at meows like a cat, and the guesser has to figure out who it was. If he is correct, the meower becomes the new guesser. If not, the guesser points in another direction.

Funny Party Games Number 7

Musical Chairs

Arrange two lines of chairs which should be back to back. Make sure there is one less chair than the party guests. Play the music and allow the children to march around the chairs in time to the music. When the music stops, all the children should quickly sit on a chair, one per chair. The person who is left, is eliminated from the game. Carry on with the game until you have one chair and two players left. This can get very funny when they fight it out to get to the last chair. Make sure the losing player get something nice for participating.

Funny Party Games Number 8

Balloon Take -Down

A winning party game for adults and teenagers alike. Balloons and bodies make lots of fun.

Materials Needed

  • a range of balloons of one color
  • a range of balloons of another color
  • a large indoor area or hall or a lawn

Arrange your guests into two groups. Explain to one group that they are going to try and take the opposite group's balloons into a set aside area. Each side are to aim to steal each side's balloons. The winners are the group who have the most balloons after a set time or after all have indicated they are exhausted. A fun game full of laughter. Winning 40th birthday party games for all the family and friends. Many of these 40th birthday party games can be played in conjunction with a range of 40th birthday party themes and ideas.

Funny Party Games Number 9

Pillow Fight

Each player should have a pillow. Two players should stand on top of a double/Queen or King Sized bed and hit each other with the pillows. If a person falls off or falls to their knees or bum, they are eliminated. Have the next person jump up for a good wack. The winner is the person who beat the most players.

Funny Party Games Number 10

Burping Jollies

Have your guests drink two glasses of soda or fizzy drink. They should then each have a go at burping loudly and long. The person who does burp the loudest and the longest is the winner of the game.The 16th birthday party person should choose the winner.

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