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Hawaiian Luau Party Games

Hawaiian Luau Party Games for a great birthday party idea or theme. Take a look at the great range of games to be played. Check out the Carnival Games for children or even the other adult games on offer, there are so many to choose from.

Pass The Coconut (Hawaiian luau party games 1)

Great game to be played in a circle. Hand around a large coconut while some Hawaiian music is being played and as soon as the music stops, whomever it lands on is eliminated from the game.

Musical Beach Towels(Hawaiian luau party games 2)

A tropical twist on the traditional musical chairs, this party game uses folded beach towels placed on the ground. Everyone walks around the towels while some great beach or Hawaiian music is played. As soon as the music is turned off everyone should jump on a towel. Whomever is left out is out of the game. Take away one towel and keep playing the game until there is one person left in the game.

Coconut Skittles(Hawaiian luau party games 3)

Set up bowling using empty large soda/fizzy bottles. You may like to weight them down using sand or small shells or even coloured water. In teams of four everyone takes a turn at bowling down the skittles. The team who knocks the most skittles down is the winning team.

Coconut Bowling(Hawaiian luau party games 4)

As in lawn bowling throw a large sized fruit such as a grapfruit out onto the sand. Color or mark your cococuts with paint or large stickers. The players should have three coconuts each. Aim coconuts towards the grapefruit. The person or team who gets the closet to the grapefruit is the winner.

Hoola Hoop Mania (Hawaiian party games 5)

Everyone gets a hoola hoop. Plays some great beach or Hawaiian Music. Everyone should have a go at trying to hoola the hoola hoop as long as they can. Everyone should have 5 tries and after their 5th, they have to sit down. The winner is the one who lasts the longest.

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The Limbo (Hawaiian party games 6)

Hawaiian themed music can be played in the background. Have your guests one at a time, take their turn at shimming under the Limbo stick. Two guests should stand at opposite sides of a stick and hold it at chest level. Everyone needs to stand in line and bend backwards while trying to move under the limbo stick, you can use a broomstick. After the line has had their go, lower the broomstick about 5 inches and so on. The
winner is the person who succeeds in limbo without falling on their backside. Give a prize for the funniest limbo dance.

Ulu Maika (Hawaiian party games 7)

Put two wooden stakes in the ground about 30cm apart. Each player has a stone which they can roll. Markings can be painted on or stickers to identify the players if there are many. Players have a turn each to throw/roll the stone near the stakes. The person who throws their stone closet to the wooden stakes is the winner.

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Luau Party

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