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Party tips for your next fantastic party. We have everything from decorating balloons, to planning to food ideas. Also how to keep your guests entertained. Don't get in a bind, but get some awesome ideas in how to organise and throw a great event or party.

Clean Up the House (house party tips 1)
First of all clean your house up. Noone likes to come to a party with junk, undies and leftover food scraps from the previous week. Make sure you clean it or have a working bee of family members to help.

Get up early and roster family members to do chores and state when they need to be done by. Once everything is all tidy, you have celebrate with a piece of chocolate or something nice...like a glass of wine. 

(house party tips 2)

Make sure you've got enough chairs for everyone to sit down. It's a given that some people prefer to stand up, but really if they should want to sit down then a chair of some kind must be provided. Too many people think that by throwing a cocktail party and providing fantastic finger food and drink with no chairs that none will notice, wrong. Think about the women who have heels and the elderly, everyone must have a chair to sit down on.

Make sure there are enough tables for the food and drink to be placed upon. Why not separate the food from the drinks which will give your party goers more direction when wanting to fill up. It's also a great idea to fill up large plastic bins with ice and throw in the beers and wine bottles.  People can just go and grab a nice cold one, when they like.


(house party tips 3)

Provide large plastic bins for the glass bottles and another one for the plastic bottles. This makes it nice and easy to recycle out of your life the day after.

Responsible Hosts(house party tips 4)

Okay this is a given. If your guests drink too much, provide a bed and bedding for them when they need to crash. Also in your invitations make sure that they all know that they have the option to stay if they want to drink and don't have a sober driver. Failing them wanting to stay the night, call a taxi...get their address first.

Provide enough booze(house party tips 5)

In this day and age, many hosts supply booze for the guests, great. Most guests bring their own as well. However there is nothing worse when the party run's out of booze before the party gets going.Make sure you have plenty of alcohol and non alcoholic drinks available.

Provide Enough Food(house party tips 6)

Alcohol makes everyone more hungry, so why not provide lots and lots of nibbles or related party food throughout the night. You should ensure that your guests who are going to drive have had enough to eat.

Music(party tips 7)

Know who your guests are going to be and play music according to their tastes. Nothing is worse for your greatgrandmother to hear heavy metal from the teenagers of the house, unless of course she's a groover and in that case your good as gold. Make sure there is plenty of choice and have someone be in charge.

Get someone to order in a karaoke machine, everyone loves to sing to some fun song.

Get a DJ to make the party truly rock or even a great covers band.

Bad Weather( party tips 8)

Have a back up plan if the heavens open up and swallow up your bbq area. Provide a covered area for the smokers and for the food if it's not too cold. Make sure there's enough space for the party to move inside if that happens. Did I mention make sure the inside is clean and tidy?

Annoying Drunk People( party tips 1)

If there happens to be someone there who can't take their alcohol very well, then have a few one liners ready to distract any uncomfortable situations. Always move the attention away from that person and distract them as much as possible. Otherwise ask them to calm down and aim them towards an area of the house where they can recover. If they are over the top and you don't seem to be able to clam them down, ask them to leave.Or have someone drop them off home.

Make sure Everyone is Welcome( party tips 9)

If someone looks like they have no friends, then make sure as a host you make them feel welcome and introduce them to other people at the party.

Bathrooms party tips 10)

Make sure  bathrooms are clean and tidy. But most of all check that there is enough loo paper for the guests to use. Otherwise you and they could be in real trouble. For those extra wonderful and non easily eeked people, provide some tampons in the cupboard for women who may need them. They will love you for it.

Hope you enjoyed our wonderful tips and tricks for your next great party.

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