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The indoor kids party games below allow you to choose games with balls, pencil and paper, music and balloons. These games provide lots of fun and cooperative skills.

Indoor Kids Party Game Number One

Blindman's Bluff

Catch the correct child

Materials Needed

  • blind fold for one child

How to Play

Have one child blinded folded. All the other children should run around away from the blindfolded child while he or she tries to find them. They should make lots of noise to they can be caught. If the blinded folded child catches someone and they guess the correct name, then they swap over with that child and become blindfolded. A simple but great kids game.

Indoor Party Games number 2

Partners Matchup

Find your partner after guessing their fairytale character

Materials Needed

  • pieces of paper
  • pen
  • tack or tape

How to Play

Write a number of famous fairytale characters on small strips of paper. Have them taped to the back of each child. You should write only two characters from selected fairytales and choose two children as pairs (without them knowing it). This works best if their are even teams. Each child should have a turn at asking the other players about their character such as; 'is my character a woman or a man? Is he an animal?. Is my character mean? The children can only say 'yes' or 'no' answers. Clues can be given to children who are having a hard time guessing who their character is. Once each child has correctly guessed their character they have to find a partner who is also in the same fairytale.

Indoor Kids Party Games Number 3

Present Hunt

Find your present using the clues

Materials Needed

  • Paper with clues on them
  • presents to give the guests

How to Play

As each child arrives to the party, give them a piece of paper with clues to help find their present. Ensure the presents are labelled with the name of the child to avoid the wrong present going to the wrong child.

See an alternative to this game using cutouts instead.

Indoor kids party games number 4

Musical Chairs

Arrange two lines of chairs which should be back to back. Make sure there is one less chair than the party guests. Play the music and allow the children to march around the chairs in time to the music. When the music stops, all the children should quickly sit on a chair, one per chair. The person who is left, is eliminated from the game. Carry on with the game until you have one chair and two players left. This can get very funny when they fight it out to get to the last chair. Make sure the losing player get something nice for participating.

Indoor kids party games number 5

Active Life Outdoor Challenge

This game is extremely popular with kids. Using the specially-designed eight pad Active Life mat and the Wii Remote, players get totally physical as they compete in over a dozen single and multi-player challenges like river rafting, mine-cart adventure, log jumping, and more. Simple controls and intuitive actions make these games easy to pick up and play right out of the box and in the process will get you and your whole family off the couch and into the game in no time.

A brilliant game to get kids active and healthy. It's a fantastic birthday or Christmas present. Kids love it and adults love kids loving it. Click on the photo to get it.

Indoor Kids Party Game Number 6

Magic Carpet

Designate an invisible area which will stand for the magic carpet. Have the children jump around and dance to some music. When the music stops, the children who are nearest to the invisible special magic carpet gains a point. Play this game enough to allow all children to gain a point. Give the game 15 minutes. Once the time is up, winner is the child with the highest points.

Indoor kids Party Games Number 7

I Went to Venus

Have children sit in a circle. The first child should say, "I went to Venus and took a...hat" They have to name an object. The next child should add to the first child and say, "I went to Venus and took a hat and a bike", the next child should then say, "I went to Venus and took a hat a bike and a shovel". Carry on with the game until someone mucks up or forgets what the previous children have said. Let them be as creative as they wish.

Indoor kids party Games number 8

What Was She Wearing?

Arrange the children into pairs. Get them to talk about their favorite story. Then have them back to back sitting down. Ask each child to try and remember what the other one was wearing. Notice how some children will detail the colors, design, whiles others won't remember much at all.

Indoor kids Party Games Number 9

Jumbled Rhymes

Photocopy and enlarge some rhymes. Cut out each rhyme's lines. Arrange these into piles for the children. This can be the same rhyme or each child can have a different rhyme. Tell the children that they are going to have to arrange the lines into correct order. The first person to do so is the winner.

An alternative is to cut out the colored rhymes for the younger children, and they should try and match up the stanzas (verses) rather than the lines, this makes it easier.

See the Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat Rhyme here. In color and in black and white.

Memory Challenge Super Mario

Who doesn't like memory games? Especially the Super Mario games. Kids love memory games and so do adults. Place the cards face down on a large surface and each person has a go at turning over two at a time. If they turn over two of the same, they keep the cards. The winner is the person who has the most cards at the end. Check out the great game below by clicking on the link. Your children will be excited to get this particular set.

Indoor Kids Party Games Number 10

Guess What

Identify the food

Materials Needed

  • five different fun foods on plates
  • jelly, baked beans, candy, corn etc

How to Play

Blindfold the children and have them feel and or taste the food infront of them. They should get a go at guessing what they food is. Then another child should come in and have their turn. They then should stand and watch the others come in one at a time to have their go. No one should call out the answers. The winner is the person who gets the food right.

photo courtesy of Stuart Miles freedigitalphotos.net

There are plenty more children's party Games which you can play indoors and outdoors.

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