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Kids Outdoor Relay Games

Kids outdoor relay games you can play at a party, group event or even school games. These are fun and have been tested for your enjoyment. There are also a lot of outdoor games for children to play besides relay games which are also amazing fun. Oh and not to mention the funny games and the messy games. These could also be great choices for your event.

Water and Sponge Relays (kids outdoor Relay Games 1)

Messy, watery and fun

Materials Needed

  • One large sponge per team
  • hose for water
  • buckets to fill water
  • clothes to get wet in
  • dis-washing liquid

How to Play the Game

Divide your guests into two teams.

Have two buckets full of water and dish-washing liquid 10 meters away on a chair.

At the front of the team should be one large sponge.

One at a time, each team member must take each sponge and dip it into the water run back to the team and pass them onto the next member in line. That front person stays at the front. The second member who receives the sponge must pass the sponge back behind them and so on and so on until the last person in line gets it. The last person then has to run to the bucket, dip it in and run back to the front person. That front person now passes it behind and so on and so on.

The winning team are the team that finishes the quickest. Good luck.

Sack Race (kids outdoor Relay Games 2 )

Each child should have a hessian sack, rubbish bag or large pillow case. The children must line up and on the word 'go' the children should hop as fast as they can until they reach the end line. The winner is the first person home.

Wheel-barrow Races (kids outdoor Relay Games 3)

In pairs one child should stand on their hands while the other child grabs their legs. The children should line up on the starting line. One the word 'go' the standing child should wheel their partner as fast as they can over the finish line. The winner is the team who crosses the line first.

Orange Relays

(kids outdoor Relay Games 4)

An orange per team

Divide the students into two teams in long lines. Have the first person tuck the orange under their chin and pass the orange to the next person in line. The first team to have the orange passed all the way down are the winners.

Egg and Spoon

(kids outdoor Relay Games 5)

Have children in teams. This front child should hold a spoon and an adult place a raw egg on their spoon. On the count of 'go' each front team members must run/walk with the spoons and eggs up to a cone, or an object go around it and walk back to their team. They have to place the egg on the spoon of the next child. That child should do the same. If an egg breaks on the way up to the cone, they have to run back to the front of their teams line and get a new egg. The first team to finish are the winners.

An alternative game could be where all children are in a line with an egg and spoon. They race about 20 meters and the first one there is the winner.

Obstacle Course

(kids outdoor Relay Games 6)

Have a range of fun items place on the ground outside. Have old tyres, a large army net on the ground, the garden hose to walk on, small tables or benches, hoola hoops, small cones, scooters, bean bags, washing baskets, shoot a basket ball, etc.

Set up the obstacle course with rules at each turn. Take your children through each activity and what is expected. Tell the children that they are going to by timed and the winner is the person who does all the activities and is first back.

Pass the Balloon

(kids outdoor Relay Games 7)

Divide the children into two teams. Have them in a line facing forwards. The first person must put a balloon between their legs. On the word 'go' the two front team members must try and pass the balloon to the next child inline using only their legs. Arms and hands are not allowed. The first team to pass the balloon down wins the game.

Running Team Relays

(kids outdoor Relay Games 8)

Make a large park or backyard into a mini running track which can be set out using small cones or shoes. Arrange two or three teams of four runners. Arrange each team member to stand at a set point around the running track. Number one should be ready to run to number two who should be around 20 meters away, and the third team member should be another 20 meters away, with the fourth placed 20 meters to make a full circle. On the word 'go' the first team members should run as fast as they can to their next team member and tag them, once tagged, they then run as fast as they can to their next team member and so on until they run home. The first team home wins the race.

Opposite Team Relays

(kids outdoor Relay Games 9)

Arrange two long teams of children, then divide each team in half again. Arrange two even teams facing each other like this

x x x x x x x x (team A)

x x x x x x x x (team B)

The red x mean all are in the same team but are standing opposite and same with the x in blue. On the word 'go' the first child in line from lines A and B should run and tag the first child on the opposite team and then run to the back of the line. The tagged child should run to the opposite side and tag the next front person and then run to the back of that line. Keep it going until all children have had a go at running and being tagged. The first ones to win are the team who ends with the same child they began with.

Run Around Me Relays

( outdoor Relay Games 11)

Arrange children to line up as in the game above. On the word 'go' the front members from team's A and B on both opposite fronts, should run into the middle and instead of tagging the opposite person, they have to approach their opposite partner and circle around them and run 'back' to their same team to the back, not the opposite side this time. Once everyone has had a go, the winning team is the team to end up with the first people they started off with.

Netball Pass Relays

( outdoor Relay Games 12)

x x x x x x x x x(bobs after throw) x (has the ball and throws it to the x opposite)

x x x x x x x x x(bobs after throw) X (has the ball and throws it to the x opposite)

Two teams in a line standing. The first person is holding a ball to their chest ready to pass it to the first person in their line (they should stand about two meters away facing the second person in line). On the word 'go' the child with the ball must chest pass the ball to the next child in line. That child should then quickly throw it back to the first person, then then bob down on the ground. The original child should throw the ball to the 'next' person who should be standing. 'That' person throws their ball back to the original child and bobs down. It means that the first person will eventually be throwing balls to the last person in line which should be quite a way back. The game carries on until everyone has had a go at catching the ball and throwing back to the original person.

Ball Relays

(Kids outdoor Relay Games 13)

In teams of four in a line, the first child should have one ball. On the word 'go' have the first child bounce their ball up to a given line and bounce to the second person in line, the first person then goes to the back of their line. The second person now bounces the ball up to the given line etc until all have had a go.

You can:

-have the children go through the exercise twice

-make the children do various kinds of fun things with the ball up in the air or bounce really fast, or clap once in the air and bounce back. The game is your oyster.

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