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Outdoor Childrens Party Games

These outdoor childrens party games can be played in nearly any outdoor area, from parks, to backyards and even to beaches. These games are fun for all the family and friends.

Apple Bobbing Outdoor party games number 1

Fill a large basin with water and put some apples in it. The children must try and capture the apples using only their mouths. The first child to do this wins the game and gets to each the apple. This is great to play with toffee apples.

Back to Back Race Outdoor party games number 2

Put children into pairs. Have the children face back to back using their elbows interlinked with each other. On the count of 'go' they have to run forwards or backwards depending on who is closet to the line. They need to touch the line with their feet and fun back to their beginning places. They then have to swap over and the other child should lead the pair up to the line. The first pair back are the winners.

Blowing Bubbles outdoor childrens party games number 3

For very young children. Supply a lot of plastic pips and hoops with dishwashing liquid. See who can blow the biggest bubble or see who can pop the most bubbles.

Sack Race outdoor childrens party games number 4

Each child should have a hessian sack, rubbish bag or large pillow case. The children must line up and on the word 'go' the children should hop as fast as they can until they reach the end line. The winner is the first person home.

Wheel-barrow Races outdoor childrens party games number 5

In pairs one child should stand on their hands while the other child grabs their legs. The children should line up on the starting line. One the word 'go' the standing child should wheel their partner as fast as they can over the finish line. The winner is the team who crosses the line first.

Follow the Leader outdoor childrens party games number 6

An adult should lead the children around the house or garden, skipping, hopping, crawling, running or performing fun activities using whatever resources are available.

These are great outdoor ideas for your party. Why not try the free birthday party wordsearch for

when the children need some indoor time. Take a look at the childrens party game page as it also has indoor and outdoor games. Fun for everyone.

Drop the Handkerchief outdoor childrens party games number 7

In a large circle sitting on the ground the children should have their eyes closed. One children should walk around the outside of the circle saying the following..."I wrote my lover a letter and on the way I dropped it, someone must have picked it up and put it in their pocket. It wasn't you, it wasn't you and so on, while they are saying that they will choose one child to put the handkerchief behind. Then the 'it' child should finish off saying "Look behind your back". All children should look behind their backs to see who has got the handkerchief. The 'it' person and the other child must run around the whole circle and get back to their place before the other one does. Whomever is last has a turn at dropping the letter.

Duck Race Childrens outdoor party games number 8

All children should bend own to resemble a duck. On the count of 'go' the children should waddle as fast as they can to the finish line. The winner is the first one over.

Tug of War childrens outdoor party games number 9

Get a strong and very long rope. Divide the children into two teams. Draw a line on the ground. On the count of go have the children try and pull the middle of the rope over the marker. The winners are the team who does just that.

Three-legged-race Childrens outdoor party games number 10

Put the children into pairs and tie a rope around their inside legs to each other. The pair must race in time with each other to the finish line. The pair that is first wins the game.

Sneak up on Granny Childrens Outdoor party games number 11

All players should line up against the back line. Have one person act as granny with their back to the rest of the group. The rest of the group should try and sneak towards her while her back is turned. If she turns around and catches the children or they are moving, she can say their name and they have to go back to the beginning line. The winner is the person who is not called to go back and gets to touch her back before she turns around.

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