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Partners Matchup

Find your partner after guessing their fairytale character

Materials Needed

  • pieces of paper
  • pen
  • tack or tape

How to Play

Write a number of famous fairytale characters on small strips of paper. Have them taped to the back of each child. You should write only two characters from selected fairytales and choose two children as pairs (without them knowing it). This works best if their are even teams. Each child should have a turn at asking the other players about their character such as; 'is my character a woman or a man? Is he an animal?. Is my character mean? The children can only say 'yes' or 'no' answers. Clues can be given to children who are having a hard time guessing who their character is. Once each child has correctly guessed their character they have to find a partner who is also in the same fairytale.