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Pool Party Games

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Pool party games for small and large groups, for birthdays and fun games. Be sure to check out the outdoor games for kids and families. For some good food ideas check out the party punch ideas and party food ideas for kids.

Games 1

VolleyBall (Large groups)

Divide your party goers into two separate teams. Install some rope or large net across the pool. Tie the string to trees, poles or anything that will hold the small rope. Have you team members hit the large beach-ball across the net or rope and try to make the other team drop the ball. If they drop the ball the other team get the point. The winning team is the team who wins the most points after 20 minutes of play.

Pool Party Games 2
HandStands (Pairs to a large group)

All party goers should count to 3 and do a handstand on the bottom of the pool. The person who stands the longest is the winner. You could even make the most elegant pose the winner as well.

Pool Party Games 3

Holding Breath (Pairs to a large group)

All party goers line up on the shallow part of the pool. On the count of 3, everyone push off and swim under the water without coming to the surface to breath. The person who lasts the longest while swimming under the water is the winner.

Pool Party Games 4

Coin Splash (Kids)

This is fun for kids. Have the children dot themselves in the parts of the pool (assuming the can swim). Have an adult walk around the pool and drop in some coins for the children to find. You can use candy or lollies on top of the water as well. Make sure all kids get some of the items you are throwing in.

Photo courtesy of Stuart Miles freedigitalphotos.net

Pool Party Games 5

Party Olympics (All)

Have a range of swimming relays with your guests such as freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke etc. Have the winners win a fake gold medals and get all the guest to sing a ridiculous national anthem. This can stretch out for hours if need be.

Pool Party Games 7

Balloon Hits (kids)

This is fun. Throw a bunch of balloons to the children and have them hit the balloons all over the pool.

Party Games8

Dive Bombs (Kids and the odd drunk adult)

You need to tell kids to be careful and to dive bomb away from other kids. Kids stand on the side of the pool. On the word go, children take a short running jump and tuck their knees in and hold with their arms. They should aim to make as bigger splash as possible. Make sure they don't jump on each other.

Party Games 9

Octopus (All)

Line up all the children on the shallow side of the pool. Have one or two children in the middle who are acting as the Octopus. Their objective is to try and tag children as they are passing them before they get to the other side. The Octopus calls out the first letter of the name of a child such as 'A" and all those children who's name begins with that letter are to try and swim past the Octopus to get to the other end. If they are tagged they are now to become another Octopus. Keep asking questions such as, "Those who are wearing the color red must swim." The winner of the game is the one who is last to get tagged.

Party Games10

Stiff Candle (kids)

Children swim around while the tagger tries to tag them. If they are tagged they have to remain still with their legs apart. The only way for them to get free is for other children to swim in between their legs. This game can be played on land as well.

Party Games 11

Wet T-Shirt (All)

Arrange the party goers into two teams. Each team must have one very large t-shirt to put on before the go for a relay swim. Both teams should be ready to swim each team's first player should be wearing the t-shirt. Once the have swum the length of the pool they swap their t-shirt with their next in-line team-mate and they swim to the other side and so on. The winning team is the first team to have all their team-mates finish.

Party Games 12

Jump or Dive (All)

All party goers are lined up standing on the edge of the pool. The caller says "Dive" or "Jump" only after the party goers have taken off of the ground towards the pool. If they match the callers instructions they get to have another go. The people who get the wrong instruction are eliminated. The winner is the person who is left.

Party Games13

Sea Horse Rides (All)

Pair up a bigger child with a smaller child. The smaller child should sit on the shoulders of the bigger child. Make sure this is played in shallow water. Each pair's job is to try and wrestle the other child off the the shoulder's of an opponent. The winners are those who are left. Make sure the children are playing safely and are not too rough.

Party Games14

Air Mattress Hopping (Kids)

Each team must have a couple air mattresses so that players can hop from one to the next. Whoever falls off must go back to the beginning, or the next player takes over. Which team can get the most players across?

Party Games15

Blindman's Bluff (All)

Have one person in the middle of the pool and should be blindfolded. They have to tag the other players as they try to silently pass by them to get to the other side. If they are tagged, they have to wear the blindfold. Or they can be eliminated from the game.

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Photo courtesy of Stuart Miles from freedigitalphotos.net