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Slumber Party Games

Slumber party games can be fun and exciting for the party guests. Here are a great list of party games and activities your friends and you can play at night inside and or outside of the house.

 Party Games No# 1 Children to Tweens

Ghost in the Graveyard

Ghostly run after victims

Materials Needed

  • an old white sheet you can cut two eyes in for the ghost

How to Play

Designate a homebase from where everyone will begin from. The ghost who is dressed as your traditional ghost has to count from 1to 20. While she is counting, have the rest of the guests run and hide somewhere inside or outside of the house. If the ghost spots a hiding person, they can then run after that person and try and catch them. That person must make a dash back to homebase while yelling,"There's a ghost in the graveyard." If they are caught before they reach the homebase that person becomes the ghost and they quickly swap costumes.

Slumber Party Games no# 2 Children to Tweens

Flashlight Tag

Materials Needed

  • each player should have a flashlight or torch

From the homebase, the tagger should count to 20, while the rest of the party guests run and hide. After he counts to 20 he will go and find the other guests using his flashlight/torch. He can find people with his torch rather than him tagging the actual person. Once all people have been found that is the end of the game.

You can play the game with him using the torch and tagging with his hand if you wish.

Slumber Party Games No# 3 Children to Tweens

Freeze Tag

Select a playing area and set boundaries for the children. Not too large nor too small. You can set some small cones or bags or shoes to depict the playing area. The tagger should stand at the designated home-base while the other players spread themselves along the outside playing area lines. He or she on the word 'go' should try and tag the other players. Once he/she has tagged someone, they must freeze on the spot. The other players must try to 'save' the frozen person by doing a crazy dance infront of them saying 'You're unfrozen now." Then both can run off again. If the tagger catches both of them, then they are both frozen until a free person comes to save them.

The last player to be tagged can now be the tagger.

Slumber Party Games No# 4 Tweens

Beauty Stations


Materials Needed

  • a large range of makeup
  • cleansing liquid
  • cleaning pads
  • tables for makeup
  • enough chairs for the party guest models
  • mirrors

Pair people up with half on seats and the others to be the makeup artists. Use youtube videos, articles to help with applying makeup for glamour, everyday and even party theme events. Swap pairs over and take glamorous photos of each other as though you are models.


Materials Needed

  • straighteners
  • curling tongs
  • crimps
  • gel, hair spray and similar products
  • clips and other hair accessories
  • temporary hair dye

In Pairs, make each other up using the materials above for a designated theme, glam night or for a everyday look.

If you are going to dye your hair, make sure you use temporary hair dye and have permission from parents. Dying hair can be great for party themes.

**** For another great idea for young teens who might like to include a beautiful spa, check out this teen spa from pink-heaven-party-ideas.com

Girls image this, you all lying on the ground infront of the TV, eating popcorn and watching some of the all time favorite girl movies ever! You can't go wrong with the Lyndsey Lohan and Mean Girls. It takes a few minutes to download see below.

And what about 'Girls Just Want to Have Fun' with Sarah Jessica Parker. A very cool movie, perfect for the girls night in. Just click on the link to download.

Slumber Party Games No# 5 Older Children

Sleeping Bag Races

Materials Needed

  • each child should have a sleeping bag

In a large room with nothing in the middle, designate a staring and a finish line. Have all the children lined up holding their sleeping bag to their neck. One the count of 'go', each child must jump while inside their sleeping bag until they reach the finish line. The first person to do so, wins the game.

Slumber Party Games No# 6 Children to Teenagers

Ghost Stories

  • imagination

This is great while out camping and sitting in a circle around a fire. Tell a crazy ghost story to the group, and embellish fact with fiction.

Tell true ghost stories from well known events, haunted houses, places, paranormal etc.

Watch your guests encourage each other to get very scared.

Who loves 'real' ghost stories, EVERYONE!! Here is a great book to buy before the slumber party to read to your friends for a spooky slumber party. Just click on the picture to buy.

Slumber Party Games No#7 Young Children to Tweens

Party On Down Freeze

Materials Needed

  • sound system
  • favorite party music

All the party guests should be in their sleeping bags. One person should control the music and hopefully lights at the same time. While the lights are off the party guests should dance while the music is playing. The controller's is to catch anyone dancing when he or she turns the lights on. The dancing party guests should freeze once the light is on. If they are moving then they drop out of the game. Continue the game until you have the winner left.

Jewerly Holder Making

Get a box each, cupcake holders, scissors, glue and paint. Decorate the box with tissue paper or paint the box. Pop in the cupcake holders and pain them. Once all is try put your jewelry inside as a lovely holder.

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