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Valentine Party Activities

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Winning Valentine Party Activities you can play at a singles party and gatherings with members of the opposite sex.

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Speed Dating (Valentine Party Activities 1)

3 minutes per each guest. All females should be seated with a chair opposite and a number infront of them on a table. All men should be given a number to go and sit down next to. When a bell or buzzer rings, everyone gets 3 minutes to ask each other questions about themselves. Each person should be given a tick sheet so they can see which people they were interested in and which people they were not.After 3 minutes the host should ring the buzzer and everyone moves over to the next person in line.

At the end of the game the host gathers in the sheets and matches up the interested guests using the numbers and names they were interested in. Cards with names and numbers can be matched and then be put into an evelope and a thank you for participating card can be entered as well. Everyone gets to pick up their envelope and sees if someone was interested in them. If they are interested in that 'interested' person, then they can email that person and connect.

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Hum that Tune (Valentine Party Activities2)

Hum a tune of a popular love song and the first person to guess the tune wins a point. They then have a change to hum a popular tune and the game continues until everyone has had a turn or after half an hour or a selected time period.

Word Scramble (Valentine Party Activities 3)

Make up a sheet with pairs of famous celebrities and scramble their names with a space next to them to write in their proper names. Give a time limit of no longer than 5 minutes to figure them out.

Spin the Bottle Chocolates (Valentine Party Activities 4)

Have a range of lovely bag of heart shaped chocolates in the middle of a large table or on the ground. Choose one set of chocolates or a bag and then spin the bottle. Whomever it lands on wins the chocolates.

Valentine Storytime (Valentine Party Activities 5)

Have a range of cards with valentine words in the middle of the group. Each person is given two or three cards which they can not look at yet. Have a bottle in the middle of the group and spin it. Whomever it lands on they have to begin a valentine story using the word from their cards. The bottle will spin while that first person is telling their fictional story. Whomever it lands on next has to continue on with the story using their card’s word. Continue with the game until everyone has had the chance to be a part of the story. Stories can end and new one can begin.

Left or Right(Valentine Party Activities 6)

This is a great game to play with a medium sized to a large group. Everyone must move left or right to the nearest empty seat when they identify with phrases the host reads out.

A good script for the game:

Click on the link to take you to the printables page and to the script

Move left if you made breakfast for someone other than yourself.

Move left again if you have ever used eatable undies.

Move right if you love to eat strawberries with chocolate on them.

Move left if you have ever kissed a famous personMove right if you have ever went out with a childhood crush.

Move right if you have ever had a crush on a teacher.

Move left if you have a tattoo somewhere private on your body.

Move right if you ever judged a potential boy/girlfriend because of their shoes.

Move left if you have ever cancelled a date because you were having a ‘fat’ day.

Move right if you have ever read a mills and boon.

Move right if dog has tried to have sex with your arm or leg.

Move left if you have ever worn sexy underwear for a lover.

Move left if you have ever had thoughts of having a threesome.

Move right if you’ve ever had a crush on a friends mum/dad.

Move left if you and your lover have regular datesMove right if you have ever received flowers from the opposite sex.

Hope you enjoyed using some of the valentine party activities and games here. Do check out the homepage as it will have much more to offer you for party ideas and games.

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